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August 7th-13th

Day in the Life: Immersion Camp and High Meadow 2 Aug 7th-13th The first week of overnights for the summer was a blast! An amazing, and immersive game and plenty […]

July 24th-28th

Day In The Life: HVSS July 24th-28th We love to play here at Wayfinder. At Sudbury we showed this a couple different ways. First in the way we interacted with […]

July 10th-14th

Woodstock Day School & Unison Arts Center Week 1 There was an abundance of excitement in the air at both camps as we started our first week of camp this […]

July 4th-8th

Staff Week This summer the blog is featuring a new series called A Day In The Life, with stories and pictures of all the fun things going on at camp. […]

Kyle Perler

Seeing the World with Kyle Perler This week’s entry into the Where Are They Now series is centered on Kyle Perler. While Kyle is another creative type who came through […]

Hero Fund

The Hero Fund At Wayfinder we believe in the work that we do. Giving children and teenagers a safe, playful place to explore their identity is important, and we’ve dedicated […]


Transformation While there has been a lot of discussion of “creating space” on this blog (and generally is at any Wayfinder event), little focus has been given to what kind […]


Saviors For this week’s blog, I want to get a little more personal than I feel I have in previous entries. Obviously, anything about camp is something highly personal to […]

Tigre Bailando

Transcending Reality with Tigre Bailando The path from Wayfinder to the work our alumni do in their respective creative fields can often be an easy one to see. The connections […]