Wayfinder Apprentice Program

The Wayfinder Apprentice program is a way for the younger members of our community to learn the core skills that not only allow people to work at the Wayfinder Experience, but have allowed so many of our alumni to go on to successful careers in positions from Website Developer to published Graphic Novelist. Apprentices must apply using the application below in order to be considered for a position. Deadlines will be posted specific to the event. We look for Apprentices who not only show potential and interest in the skills that we are able to develop, but also people who will be a good influence on the community, are ready to be role models for younger participants, and bring a positive attitude to the work environment. If you think that you might be a good fit, send us an application today!

  • Eligibility for Apprenticeships begins at age 15 for day camps and 16 for overnight camps.
  • An applicant should have attended at least two official Wayfinder Experience events, preferably week-long summer camps. 
  • Prospective Apprentices may apply in any or all of the following Departments for an event: Costuming, Sets & Props, Game System, Story, Theater, Play. Wayfinder Experience will place the applicant in a department based on availability and event needs.
  • Overnight Apprentices must register for the events which they are working. Day Camp Apprentices do not have to register.
  • Apprentices are legally considered campers and must follow all camper procedures and requirements.
  • Apprentices will coordinate directly with the head of their department to receive assignments and ask any questions they may have. The Department Head will be responsible for leading the Apprentice through a training program.
  • Any difficulties felt by either the Apprentice or the Department Head in terms of their working relationship should be directed to the Event Director, Programming Director or the Committee for Community Concerns to be dealt with accordingly.
  • Apprentices will be evaluated at the end of the event by their immediate supervisor.
  • We want to push Apprentices to learn a variety of skills. As such you will be expected to work in multiple departments during your time as an Apprentice.
  • An Apprentice should expect to be in the position of Apprentice for a minimum of two years before becoming eligible to be a paid staff member. If an Apprentice shows exemplary mastery and potential in all aspects of camp, they may become eligible for a staff position sooner.
  • Anyone is eligible to become a staff member at 18 years of age.
  • WFE is under no obligation to hire any Apprentice into a paid staff position or to renew an Apprenticeship.
  • WFE reserves the right to make any staffing changes necessary for the betterment of The Wayfinder Experience.

Community Leader

A Community Leader (CL) is a member of the Wayfinder Experience community who is not yet old enough to work at camp but is invested in building a fun, safe camp environment. CLs must fill out an application and return it to the WFE office by the stated deadline to be considered. The WFE will consider applicants based on contribution to the community, financial situation and event need. CLs must contribute positively to the community by fully and willingly participating in workshops, following camp guidelines and providing a good example for other campers.

  • Eligibility for CLs begins at age 15.
  • CLs receive a discount of $50 off the price of the event where serving as a CL.
  • CLs are legally considered campers and must follow all camper procedures and requirements.
  • CLs must support the community through participating in workshops, clean up and participant bonding.
  • WFE is under no obligation to hire any CL into a paid position or to renew a term of CLdom.