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Why We Write Games

Why We Write Games Did you enjoy your holidays? Because the Story Board Blog is back, and will continue to post thought-provoking and helpful essays, hints and tirades about the […]

Making Magic

Making Magic (Or, Specifically, Making Magic Work For Your Game) Let’s talk about the Magic System! When our founding fathers laid out the Wayfinder magic system, they had a number […]

Storywriter’s Guide

Storywriter’s Guide to Dealing With Production Being a storywriter is a crazy, exhausting, and magical experience. The magic lies in seeing a world and characters who have previously only existed […]

A Good Tease

A Good Tease So this year we’re bringing back teasers as a requirement for game submissions, which means it’s time for a crash course in the whys, hows, and which-end-ups […]

Lists, Lists, Lists!

Lists, Lists, Lists! Do you want Production to like you? Of course you do. They’re the people who make your game beautiful, and make it even possible. Without them, you’re […]

The Big Finish

The Big Finish: ending your game “GAME!” The shout goes up and everyone cheers and collapses into hugs, eager to tell their friends stories of their epic adventure. But hold […]