Starting September, 2021, Living Legends and Frontier Adventures are part of our One Day Adventure series.  

These Saturday events have a little bit of everything! We do a sampler of our programming that includes sword games, improv games, and, of course, an Adventure Game. Great for first timers or returning participants, our One Day  Adventure Games fall into one of two categories: “Campaign” style and “One Shot” style.  “Campaign” Adventure Games feature stories that are interconnected and build on each other while “One Shot” Adventure Games use stories that are entirely contained to that one Adventure.  Minimum age for the event varies for one shot games, but our campaigns are always 8 and up.

The Campaign series this year is “The Legends of Gelgador”, an ongoing Wayfinder Experience Offseason program in which we play Adventure Games together that build on player and community choices to create a continuous game world.  Participants needn’t have participated in earlier episodes to join, but can read about earlier episodes here!  Come and join us for our next One Day!

  • Admission to these events is $105 per person but, if you refer a newcomer, you get a $25 discount on a future event!
  • Register by midnight the Thursday prior and get a $25 discount!
  • Newcomers pay only $55 ($50 depending on how you pay!) no matter when you register!
  • Participants are expected to bring their own lunch and dinner, but two slices of dinner pizza and a snack will be available for $10 (gluten-free for $12) at the door.
  • Programs open at 11:00 am and end at 9:00 pm.
  • Pay by check, cash or with Zelle and save $5 on this event! (We’re on Zelle as [email protected])
  • Wayfinder’s Fall 2021 Covid-19 Protocols can be reviewed here.

Upcoming Events:

    • September 18: Campaign Series: Legends of Gelgador: The Tides of War!
    • October 23: One Shot Series: The Last Dance (Ages 11+) Register here!
    • November 20: Campaign Series: Legends of Gelgador
    • February 19, 2022: Campaign Series: Legends of Gelgador
    • March 19, 2022: One Shot Series
    • April 16, 2022: Campaign Series: Legends of Gelgador
    • May 21, 2022: One Shot Series
  • Above events will be held at Hudson Valley Sudbury School, 84 Zena Road, Kingston, NY.