July 24th-28th

Day In The Life:

HVSS July 24th-28th

20464800_10155506512378698_1326248697_oWe love to play here at Wayfinder. At Sudbury we showed this a couple different ways. First in the way we interacted with the weather. Almost everyday (we caught some sunshine on Friday) we were outside in the rain. While many activities may be cancelled due to rain, we tend to view it as more of a set dressing. This was on full display all week as campers left smiling each day despite having run around outisde in rainfall.

The other place we displayed our penchant for play this week was through the fun things the staff make up on the spot at camp. One of our SIT’s taught the Mage casting class (the class where we teach our young wizards how to use their magical abilities) entirely in character. He chose the name Jango Shizard the Cowboy Wizard which the other staff (and the camp at large) could not stop laughing about. He left quite the impression, so much so that many participants wanted to use some part of his name in their own characters’ names.

We also like to provide mental challenges for our campers. For this Adventure our production staff made an amazing 10 piece Omega cannon that the participants had to assemble in Game. They had to learn how to put it together quickly and under pressure like they would have to in Game.
The Adventure, tiled The Great War, was written by two Wayfinder veterans Henry White and Thomas Gordanier who are master crafters of adventures having over 20 years of combined camp experience. To prep for this Adventure they played a new game called Infiltrate the Flag. As the name would suggest the game is built around capture the flag. In this version we play on the full land and each team spends time strategizing and building tactics for themselves before the game begins. Strategy was an important thing to practice for this Game, as the summary of it reads “The Great War is a war story set in a fantasy world full of elves, with endless years of pointless bloodshed in the trenches. An isolated group of soldiers is ordered to hold a point crucial to a major offensive against escalating enemy forces.”

Written by Trine Boode-Petersen