Staff and Apprentice Applications

Please read instructions below.  Only Applications submitted through the link on this page will be considered! Applications for Summer 2024 are now available and will remain so until 11:59 on February 29th. In other words, you cannot submit an application March 1 or after.                                            

Age Requirements:

  • Apprentice applicants must be 16+ for all overnight events; 15+ for day camps.
  • Staff applicants must be 18+ for day camps and for overnight camps.


  • All applications must be submitted using this link.
  • Overnight Summer Camp Apprentices must register and will receive a discount on registration for the camp(s) they will be working.  We urge those applying to be apprentices to register for the camp(s) you hope to work at.  If you are not hired and do not wish to attend as a camper, the deposit will be refunded.
  • Summer Day Camp apprentices do not need to register for the camp(s) they will be working
  • You can find a comprehensive list of event positions and job responsibilities here on our website.
  • Send questions about applications to:

Equal Opportunity Statement:

It is the policy of the Wayfinder Experience, Inc. to provide for and promote equal employment opportunity in employment, compensation, and other terms and conditions of employment without discrimination on the basis of age, race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, military statues, marital statues, or genetic predisposition or carrier status. It is the policy of the Wayfinder Experience, Inc. to provide qualified persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in and receive the benefits, services, programs, and activities of the Wayfinder Experience, Inc., and to provide such persons reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications as are necessary, to enjoy such equal opportunity, including accommodations in the examination process. Further, it is the policy of the Wayfinder Experience, Inc. to provide reasonable accommodation for religious observance.