What is LARP?

LARP or Live Action Roleplay is a term that can be applied to a broad spectrum of activities. While there are many types of LARP in the world, Wayfinder’s brand of LARP is contained in something we refer to as “the Adventure Game.” Within the context of an Adventure Game, LARP is an immersive roleplaying experience happening within a world prepared by our staff for the players. Each player is given the chance to design their own character, picking the type of character they want to play helps guarantee they have the gameplay experience they want.

At each week of the Wayfinder Experience we lead participants through workshops specially designed to prepare them for their time in the live action roleplay Adventure Game. This includes an introduction to our game systems (such as how the use our magic and swords in the Adventure Game), time to design and build a character, some work on improvisational theater skills to prepare for interactions in the adventure, and a good deal of work on trust to ensure a safe and enjoyable time in Adventure Game.

We view the Adventure Game as a transformative experience where players are given the freedom to explore pieces of themselves they may never otherwise get to inhabit in a safe environment. We have run a wide array of Adventure Games based on anything from the historic to the fantastic. We hope you’ll join us for an summer adventure and find the hero inside!