Summer Overnight Camps

Summer 2020 Schedule

Immersion Camp

July 12-19, Ages 11+ at the Holmes Presbyterian Center  0K6A0235This year’s Immersion camp will focus on a single world, allowing participants to delve deeply into the story in an expansive fantasy world. Of course the week will also include plenty of capture the flag, improv, trust and other fun workshops.  Watch this space for Game info!  Registration opens February 1.

Advanced Camp

August 16-22, Ages 12+ at the Holmes Presbyterian Center  0K6A9987Our Advanced camp gives participants a chance to experience three completely different worlds & story lines. Using our unique blend of trust work, improv, foam sword play and character building, we prepare our participants to explore exciting new worlds. Consciously developing a strong community and open check-in system allows us to explore some potentially sensitive subject matter within the safety of an imaginary world.  Registration opens February 1.

Community Night

August 22, Ages 11+ at the Holmes Presbyterian Center Planning to send your child to both Advanced and Finale?  Need to pick your child up on Sunday instead of Saturday after Advanced?  We’ve arranged with Holmes to have a Community Night in between our last two camps.  While this will be a more relaxed experience, we will have lots of fun optional workshops and a short “tavern scene” style Adventure Game to complete the weekend.  Registration opens February 1.


August 23-30, Ages 11+ at the Holmes Presbyterian Center  Our final camp of the summer is always an epic way to close down the season! Finale will feature a three section Adventure Game that has been painstakingly crafted, as well as singing around a campfire and a fun dance party. Join us to bring the summer to a close!  Watch this space for Game info! Registration opens February 1.



Camp Registration & Cancellation Policies can be found here.