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The Wayfinder Experience Blog

The blog is divided up into different series in which we share and discuss specific facets of our camp and community.
Pick any of the series that interest you and start reading!
The series we currently have running are as follows:

Where Are They Now: This series puts the spotlight on former staff and participants showing what some of our alumni (and beloved community members) have been up to in the world, and how they think Wayfinder helped them get there. The series was made in 2017, so you bet these wonder folks have only gotten up to more fun and creative things since!

A Day In The Life: Here we turn the focus to our day to day at camp and try to give our readers an idea of what we have going on each week throughout the summer. This series features stories from summer 2017.

Wayfinder Wisdom: In this series each post focuses on a specific aspect of our summer camp. It is our attempt to share some of the knowledge we have accumulated in more than a two decades of LARPing. Though many posts are written in 2018, they all still hold true.

Wayfinder Story Board: In this series you will find posts on how to write a great Adventure Game as well as shared examples of great Games. We also have a great number of posts from many great Game writer’s sharing their thoughts and ideas about LARP.

Want to contribute to the blog. We are always looking for more Wayfinder and greater LARP community voices to be heard (or read) on our blog, if you have a story to share please email us: