July 4th-8th

Staff Week

8882222825051136544This summer the blog is featuring a new series called A Day In The Life, with stories and pictures of all the fun things going on at camp. There may even be character drawings and stories from our participants! We’ve got camp running until the end of August, so there’s a lot to look forward to as we go through the summer.

This last week we ran our annual Staff Week, a time for us to reconnect as a staff pool, fostering the communal spirit that is so key to what we do at camp day to day. We do this through a good deal of the same exercises that we run at camp. For Staff Week this year our focus was on the intentional creation of communal space, the staff and their own enjoyment of our programming (trying to reignite the feeling that we all clung to as campers), and as always ensuring that our staff is fully trained and IMG_0134ready to go into the summer’s programming. We ran an advanced version of the programming that we run at our regular camps, featuring everything from trust to capture the flag. Camp wouldn’t be camp without an Adventure Game. This year we played a Game written by the illustrious Chase Spearance. The Game centered around a fairy tale world with staff taking on the roles of woodland creatures trying to reconcile their relationship with a fairy queen after they had accidentally killed a member of the royal family. As with any camp, Staff Week both filled us with joy and left us ready for the next experience, excited for the coming opportunities to share our programming with the community at large.

Coming up next week we’ve got camps at the Woodstock Day School and the Unison Arts Center. Check back here for updates on the games we play and the incredible things our participants are getting up to in them.