Committee For Community Concerns

Wayfinder’s Committee For Community Concerns is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and caring environment for participants, staff, and community members. This board, which is purely an advisory board, receives reports and concerns from the community, and tries to address those concerns in order to maintain a positive space at camp. The board has a commitment to confidentiality, and, as such, submitting a report does not guarantee the reporter a knowledge of the outcome. The board also maintains the Rules and Regulations section of the staff handbook, and provides an annual training for each staff member. Reports can be submitted to The current board members are…

Reilly JeckerByrne (he/him)

Reilly got his start at Wayfinder when he was 17 and has been working as a staff member for ever since, jumping on every chance to work events in the summer and year round. He particularly loves working as a Counselor as that role allows for an opportunity to really get close with the community and participants. When he’s not working Wayfinder, Reilly works at Half Moon Books and spends his days digging through books, old and new, looking for treasures.






Alyssa Greenway (she/they)

Alyssa first came to Wayfinder as a participant at the fabled Unison Day Camps. She loved turning fantasy into reality, supporting her friends and saving lives as a stalwart cleric. Alyssa took some time away from camp to pursue her passions in the visual arts, and in 2018 as a staff member. She deeply enjoys teaching LARPs & Crafts, running trust workshops, and helping build the magic of cooperative storytelling.






Charlie Urban-Mead (he/him)

Charlie started at Wayfinder around 2010 and has followed the classic path of “come for the swords, stay for the community.” He works most often as workshop staff and loves the stories we can tell and the joy that we can tap into once we know there’s no judgement coming. Outside of Wayfinder, he works as a community organizer in New York City, supporting groups of tenants taking action against their neglectful landlords.






Claire McHarg (she/they)

Claire is a young scientist who used to make the long trip up from Philadelphia to camp, but after going to Wayfinder since 2014 has finally settled in the Hudson Valley. Following the theater kid to workshop instructor to director pipeline, Claire has always loved giving their all when at camp and is so excited to join the CCC to keep supporting the community. In her free time these days, she is directing plays and looking at rocks before the next big cool thing starts.