Participant Agreement

In order to foster the close and safe community at The Wayfinder Experience, we ask all participants and their parent/guardian to read, understand and agree to the following guidelines. The WFE reserves the right to ask any participant to leave at any time.

Respect others and their feelings. We support a close and open community. As part of this community, we must respect what belongs to us, what belongs to others and what is shared by the group. We also must respect personal boundaries and feelings, respecting the requests, differences and backgrounds of others.

Smoking. Participants of the WFE may not use or possess tobacco products at camp
unless they are over the age of 18 or have a signed note from their parent/guardian.

Alcohol and Drugs. Participants of the WFE may not use, distribute or possess any alcohol, controlled substance or paraphernalia at camp.

Sexual behavior. Romantic relationships are not prohibited at any WFE event, yet we do not condone romantic relationships between minors (under the age of 18) and adults (18 and older). Participants may not participate in any sexual activities at camp.

Violence and Weapons. The WFE does not tolerate physical violence, whether actual or implied, at any WFE event. The WFE does not permit any weapon of any kind at a WFE event. A weapon is any object that can cause bodily harm to another. Examples of weapons include knives, guns, spikes, smoke bombs, etc. Any item that may be classified as a weapon must be brought to the attention of the Event Director or Administrative Director during check-in to be cleared.

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