Wayfinder’s Story Board

The Story Board is a very important part of our infrastructure. They are the people who read, review and decide on which Adventure Games will be run throughout the year.  (For info on how to submit an Adventure Game for review, please scroll to the bottom of the page.)  The current board members are…


Mike Phillips (he/him)

Mike graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BA in digital media production with a focus in film. When he’s not on set, or teaching Film at the Woodstock Day School, he is our Offseason Story Coordinator, insuring excellent Games for our One Day Adventures. He is also a prolific Adventure Game writer and member of our Story Board. 




Jack Warren (he/they/she) 

Jack has been writing and running Adventure Games since they were 13 years old. When they aren’t having fun at camp or building worlds filled with magical pirates and angsty robots, Jack loves watching and making movies. They graduated with a film degree from Wesleyan University in 2020.






Dylan Scott (he/him)

Dylan Scott is a game designer and performer living in the Hudson Valley. He started going to Wayfinder when he was twelve and has written or contributed to over a dozen Adventure Games for the Wayfinder Experience since then. He has a degree in literature and drama from Bennington College. He loves history, D&D, sci-fi, fantasy, and other nerdy stuff.





 Kal Muste (they/them)

Kal Muste has been part of the Wayfinder community since 2011 and began writing and running larps in 2015. At camp they may also be found building things in production or teaching in workshop, and outside of Wayfinder they work as a production technician at the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in Troy, NY.







Milo Duclayan (he/they)

Milo is a New York City based game designer and writer, who works in all facets of the game medium. Milo has been coming to Wayfinder since they were 8 years old and has a soft spot for day camp Adventure Games. They are currently studying for a Game Design degree with an interactive narrative minor at Champlain College. When they’re not working, they’re often reading or playing a game, or watching the stars.





Check out the Story Board Blog for all the latest on what games are being played, how to submit a game, and advice on how to write a game. Email the Story Board at wayfinderstoryboard@gmail.com.