Stewardship Expectations

As a community, we place a premium on teaching our campers the essentials of community building. Within that is the need for active community stewardship from our older and more experienced campers. With a mixed age range of campers, younger campers tend to look up to older community members for guidance on how to behave, whether or not those community members are working at camp or simply attending. We seek to empower our older campers to take on an active role in community leadership with this in mind, and in doing so hope to offer guidance to all of our campers on how to build the kind of intentional community that we have held for so long allowing our campers to feel safe and connected within the camp environment.


This kind of community stewardship can take many forms, but some places where our campers can always help out:

  • Gently reminding other campers to give staff their focus during workshop and making sure to give one’s own focus
  • Actively participating in workshops
  • Welcoming new campers in
  • Helping out with cleaning 
  • Ensuring that all campers feel comfortable in social situations
  • Helping newer campers to understand our game systems and programming that they may be struggling with
  • Letting staff know of any issues or concerns that you may notice