About The Wayfinder Experience

In a Nutshell

The Wayfinder Experience is a live-action role-playing company, based in Kingston, New York. We run summer camps, events, school programs and workshops for teens, children and adults. The centerpiece of our programs is the Adventure Game, a transformative experience that challenges players physically, mentally and emotionally, while immersing them in an exciting world of fantasy.

Our Events

Wayfinder operates weeklong overnight LARP summer camps for teens and day camps for children. We also host three-day events, such as our Winter Game in December, and One Day Adventures every month.

Our staff is also available for special events, like our Capture the Flag with swords after-school programs and children’s Birthday Parties.

Our Programming

At our overnight and day camps we offer a diverse range of workshops combining sports, art, “play-safe” swordplay, improvisational acting & intentional community building. All this culminates in our Adventure Game, a live-action role-play that is often played out over multiple days.

During the “Adventure Game” our participants become characters in a magical, legendary story, complete with costumes, elaborate sets & props, masks, treasures, spells & quests. We transform our summer camp facilities into whole new worlds. The stories and settings are prepared in advance, but the end results are dependent upon the actions and choices of the participants themselves. At the end of the adventure, a simple call for “Game!” signals a return to the real world—and the chance to excitedly share experiences and stories!

Our LARP Adventure Games are all original, written and created by our staff (and sometimes our campers) and range in scope from high fantasy to tales of pirates and ninjas, from the Wild West to science fiction, alternate histories, zombies, noir mysteries and everything in-between. No two games are the same and every adventure lets you play a new character… or many!