Wayfinder’s Adult Retreat

This retreat is open to anyone 18 years or older.  A perfect get-away for old campers, parents and first-time friends of the community. Experience the magic of live action role playing in a mature environment! This is a fun and inclusive retreat. We will spend time doing a number of different workshops, such as improvisational theater, sword fighting (with our special foam swords) and New Games to build trust with each other before we play our LARP Adventure Game where you will be in control of your character’s destiny.

April 26th-28th, 2024 at the Stone Mountain Farm in New Paltz, NY.

Book your lodging separately!

Programming hours:

  • Programming will start at 6pm on 4/26 and go until 10pm
  • Programming will start at 10am on 4/27 and go until roughly 11pm. Lunch and Dinner will be provided on site
  • Programming will start at 10am on 4/28 and go until 5pm. Lunch will be provided, and there will be an optional goodbye fire that night

Retreat Programing pricing:

  • $250 – Sponsored rate
  • $350 – Suggested rate
  • $450 – Sponsor rate

Sign up here.

As ever, we want to do our best to make our programming accessible. If you feel you are able to, we encourage you to pay the sponsor rate and contribute to the cost of attendance for some of our folks who may not be as able to do so. Sponsored rate is available on a need basis; there is no application process. If you need it, take it; no questions asked.


The Dawn of the Fifth Age Teaser

It is with some bitterness, and less hopefulness than I thought myself capable of mustering, that I put quill and ink to parchment with the last entry of the Third Age. The world draws small again. Life becomes sparser, and so it is that I sit alone at a great height, watching our impending end approach. This shall be sealed with all the necessary measures and placed with the rest of my notes for those in the next age to find and begin anew with the history of our people. It is such, as you have surely read elsewhere, that our culture can survive through these departures that our world puts us through. Always, it has cycled. Always, it has exhaled and with that we have ceased to be. But again, ever again, it inhales and we spring forth here and there. It has been this way for any number of ages. The order has only existed for 3. The chronicles only go back that far. The first ones tell of a fire, a horrible thing. An ending that overtook them in a conflagration. It is not so now. Whatever it was, we have staved off. The details are missing, but no fires rage at my door. No painful end comes to claim me. The water rises. It will wash away this world, and me with it. And so I say to you, to those who come next, to whoever would take my post, make not my mistakes. Do not hold off from the world. Do not sit simply to observe. You are to be the last. You are to be the chronicler. You are to be the preservation. But you do not have to be apart. You do not have to be an island.

Excerpt from the Journals of Faucius Abert, Great Chronicler of the Third Age

Life has begun anew! The Fifth Age is upon us! We spring from flowers. We pour from the edges of trees. Everywhere things grow, we step out into the world and breathe deep. This is how it has always been. We do not know why; we do not know how we know, but the world has always done this. The first things we found were the fields, the fruits, the berries, all of the little things that make the world yearn to hold life upon itself, the things that deserve to be enjoyed. The second thing that we found was the tower. Dusty. Dark place. Awful to be inside stone when all this warmth and light kissed us awake, but something there called to us. There were scrolls and scrolls. The history of our kind. The tools we needed to continue building our world. Records that stretched back to the beginning of the Ages. They know there was a time before, but then the order began chronicling. The order seeks to understand the world, to hold our place in it, to give our life meaning from Age to Age. Three Ages this was done carefully. From the Fourth Age there is little. Notes from the beginning. Notes from the next Chronicler, Bartolomus Goethe, who digs through the scrolls and makes sense of it all and those around themself in the Fourth Age. Then it stops. Bartolomus stops chronicling for years. From the unfurling there is much. From the learning there is much. Then there is nothing, until the end. Until the exhale. There is a final entry. Loathe be those who follow. The world may seek to let go. My hand holds tight to that which it has gathered. No instructions. No chronicling of the advancements of the Fourth Age. There is an uneasiness in it. There is a clear break from tradition, a tradition you have only just learned, but the only tradition that there is. You must begin anew, this time with an Age forgotten. You will gather all you can. You will prepare for the coming of the sixth age.

Life begins anew. The world awakens and begins to remember. For those who fill this new Age, they can build whatever they want, but one question burns against it all. Who do we build for? Do we live for this Age or for the next?