July 31 – August 4th

Day In The Life:

HVSS Adv Camp and High Meadow July 31 – August 4th

Week two of Wayfinder at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School was a week of advanced day camp. That means that we run a game that is slightly more advanced and tailor our programming to participants who have been to enough events to have a basis of knowledge in our game systems and daily programming.

This led to some very advanced improv work during a game of Why Were You Late as the game took place on a broadway production of Spongebob Squarepants. Participants were able to perform what looked to be choreographed dance routines on the spot and improvise dramatic lines in order to make it appear they had been doing their improvised jobs. The underwater theme continued into a game of Shark Week themed Mafia.

20645188_1620896344596582_840565192538906846_oThe Adventure Game, Til Your Legs Give Out, was run by the illustrious Kate Muste. In this alien filled science fiction scenario, a human military base fought against a spreading forest full of alien monsters, relying on small teams of runners entering the woods and dodging attacks to retrieve fuel to hold back the monsters. When they discovered a threat coming from inside their ranks they had to race against the clock to figure out who they could trust, and how they wanted to make their last stand.

Meanwhile at the High Meadow School, our director put one of our campers to work as his assistant (by the camper’s request). Near the end of each workshop it was this camper’s job to let the workshop teachers know they had 5 mintues left. This little addition to the staff pool for the week brought many a smile to the workshop teachers.

20626442_1764628856899755_5288784478999051710_oThe Adventure Game, “The Order of the Archons,” by Dylan Scott, was a tale of seasoned adventurers heading to a retirement celebration in their honor. But lo and behold, the King had been kidnapped and the adventurers had to go on one more epic quest to rescue him from a lich queen (who was once part of their adventurers guild). In the end they slew the lich and brought the king home. It was a delightful and classic adventure.