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Stewardship Expectations

As a community, we place a premium on teaching our campers the essentials of community building. Within that is the need for active community stewardship from our older and more experienced campers. With a mixed age range of campers, younger campers tend to look up to older community members for guidance on how to behave, whether or not those community members are working at camp or simply attending. We seek to empower our older campers to take on an active role in community leadership with this in mind, and in doing so hope to offer guidance to all of our campers on how to build the kind of intentional community that we have held for so long allowing our campers to feel safe and connected within the camp environment.


This kind of community stewardship can take many forms, but some places where our campers can always help out:

  • Gently reminding other campers to give staff their focus during workshop and making sure to give one’s own focus
  • Actively participating in workshops
  • Welcoming new campers in
  • Helping out with cleaning 
  • Ensuring that all campers feel comfortable in social situations
  • Helping newer campers to understand our game systems and programming that they may be struggling with
  • Letting staff know of any issues or concerns that you may notice


Group Hug

Wayfinder’s Blog

The Wayfinder Experience Blog

The blog is divided up into different series in which we share and discuss specific facets of our camp and community.
Pick any of the series that interest you and start reading!
The series we currently have running are as follows:

Where Are They Now: This series puts the spotlight on former staff and participants showing what some of our alumni (and beloved community members) have been up to in the world, and how they think Wayfinder helped them get there. The series was made in 2017, so you bet these wonder folks have only gotten up to more fun and creative things since!

A Day In The Life: Here we turn the focus to our day to day at camp and try to give our readers an idea of what we have going on each week throughout the summer. This series features stories from summer 2017.

Wayfinder Wisdom: In this series each post focuses on a specific aspect of our summer camp. It is our attempt to share some of the knowledge we have accumulated in more than a two decades of LARPing. Though many posts are written in 2018, they all still hold true.

Wayfinder Story Board: In this series you will find posts on how to write a great Adventure Game as well as shared examples of great Games. We also have a great number of posts from many great Game writer’s sharing their thoughts and ideas about LARP.

Want to contribute to the blog. We are always looking for more Wayfinder and greater LARP community voices to be heard (or read) on our blog, if you have a story to share please email us:

Our Amazing Staff

Our Amazing Staff

At Wayfinder we hold our staff to a standard of excellence that has allowed Wayfinder to be one of the Hudson Valley’s most celebrated summer camps since the early 2000’s. Our staff undergoes training in the fields of improvisational theater, story writing, and cooperative stage combat in order to prepare for the realities of running an immersive, empowering live action roleplay experience.

One of the advantages of hiring primarily staff who come up as Wayfinder campers is an increased level of understanding and investment in the community. Our staff are committed to building a safe and welcoming space where participants can build friendships that will last them a lifetime.

Admin Team

Our Administration Team

There are a few people who really keep us afloat year round. Meet the brave souls behind the scenes of the Wayfinder Experience.

Corinne McDonald Owner (she/her)


Corinne grew up a in military family and lived in a number of wonderful places as a child, before settling in Virginia Beach. It was while attending the Virginia Beach Friends School that she first encountered Wayfinder (then known as Adventure Game Theater) and discovered her passion for building strong, supportive communities while running around in fairy wings.
All these years later, she is still passionate about this work, and considers the friends she made at camp part of her family. Over the years, Corinne has worked every staff position at camp, directed overnight and day camps, and served on the Hiring Board. Before taking over full-time management of Wayfinder in 2012, Corrie was a butcher, a baker but never a candlestick maker. She loves her mother.




Trine Boode-Petersen Owner and Marketing Director (none/they/them)

Trine is a graduate of the New School: Eugene Lang College where they received a BA in The Arts: Theater. Trine has been teaching and director theater for all ages since they were 17, and working for Wayfinder in every department, including director since age 18.
Before taking over management of the company with Corinne in 2012, they lived in New York City where T taught after school enrichment programs and pursued an acting/directing career. Trine is also a founding member of the Vertigo Theater Company, Little Ghost Theater Company and an associate artist with Serious Play! Theater ensemble. Their passion for education through the arts goes back over half their life when T was a 15 year old Wayfinder camper and lived on a small farm in Massachusetts. One thing to know about Trine is that T is always ready for an adventure!




Janet Packard Executive Administrative Director (she/her)


Janet was originally drawn to the Wayfinder Experience as the mother of our very own Jud Packard. As a parent she drove long hours, endured confusing LARP stories, and delighted in seeing the growth that Jud went through at camp. We were very pleased to welcome her back for her second stint running the administrative side of things in the Fall of 2017, this time as our Executive Administrative Director.






Judson Packard Program Director (they/them/ey/em)

BIOPICJudson Easton Packard graduated from Kansas State with a Bachelor’s degree in English and from Rutgers with an MFA in Creative Writing. They have been involved with the Wayfinder Experience since 2003 when they first came as a camper. They were on the Rules and Regulations board from 2013-2018. Before that they served the community by serving on the Hiring Board, and working every event they were given the opportunity to. They believe in hill trolls and LARP because the costumes bring out their eyes.







Lee Jackson Sorge Warehouse Manager (he/him)

Lee is an artist, writer and musician born and raised in the Hudson Valley. When he was eleven years old, Lee attended his first Wayfinder event and was enchanted by the magic of play and the joy of creating fantastical worlds. Lee has worked as staff for Wayfinder for since 2013, relishing in the ability to help bring dreams to life and the opportunity to be a part of the community he has come to call home. He now serves on Wayfinder’s Community Concern Committee and as our warehouse manager.


About Wayfinder

About The Wayfinder Experience

In a Nutshell

The Wayfinder Experience is a live-action role-playing company, based in Kingston, New York. We run summer camps, events, school programs and workshops for teens, children and adults. The centerpiece of our programs is the Adventure Game, a transformative experience that challenges players physically, mentally and emotionally, while immersing them in an exciting world of fantasy.

Our Events

Wayfinder operates weeklong overnight LARP summer camps for teens and day camps for children. We also host three-day events, such as our Winter Game in December, and One Day Adventures every month.

Our staff is also available for special events, like our Capture the Flag with swords after-school programs and children’s Birthday Parties.

Our Programming

At our overnight and day camps we offer a diverse range of workshops combining sports, art, “play-safe” swordplay, improvisational acting & intentional community building. All this culminates in our Adventure Game, a live-action role-play that is often played out over multiple days.

During the “Adventure Game” our participants become characters in a magical, legendary story, complete with costumes, elaborate sets & props, masks, treasures, spells & quests. We transform our summer camp facilities into whole new worlds. The stories and settings are prepared in advance, but the end results are dependent upon the actions and choices of the participants themselves. At the end of the adventure, a simple call for “Game!” signals a return to the real world—and the chance to excitedly share experiences and stories!

Our LARP Adventure Games are all original, written and created by our staff (and sometimes our campers) and range in scope from high fantasy to tales of pirates and ninjas, from the Wild West to science fiction, alternate histories, zombies, noir mysteries and everything in-between. No two games are the same and every adventure lets you play a new character… or many!



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