Spring Game April 19th-21st

Our yearly two night three day Spring Game features a scary thriller style Adventure Game. This year’s Game is All’s Well That Ends…..

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Adventure Game Teaser:

This ‘Once Upon a Time’ is much like any other. Villains make their nasty plots, rag tag groups of heroes cleverly steal from the wealthy to make their own way, and fair maidens sing to the mice and birds for assistance. But off, deep in the woods, just out of sight, lurks the beasts. You haven’t truly seen them, but you know they are there…. And the darkness seems to be creeping in all around you, making it harder to focus on the task at hand…

But who has time to worry about any of that with the Grand Ball happening tonight! We all know how this story goes, Prince Charming needs to find his princess to ascend the throne, blah blah blah, it’s all very familiar, have you done this before?

Oh fiddlesticks, there I go again. Just remember this will be a night to remember! The feasting, the dancing, the unknown darkness consuming you- I mean, the glamor! All’s well here, that ends….