The Legends of Gelgador: Part 2

The Story So Far

Part 2: The Bedos Crusade

It was the 304th year of the Third Gelgadoran Age and the Empire was in the midst of a never before known period of peace. Since the end of the Second Age there had been an era of expansion, ushered in by the rise of nine new gods. Fields were healthy, children were strong and the Gelgadoran Empire, built by the formerly separate nations of Arroway, Otar and Bedos, stretched across the continent, putting an emperor to rule at its heart. But, in the middle of this golden age, the Sword of Legends, the most cherished Gelgadoran relic, was stolen in the night. 

The three divisions of the Western Scouting Battalion, or Chimera Company as it’s more commonly known, were dispatched to Old Bedos, in pursuit of this most precious treasure. They arrived at a small fishing village known as Breakhead. In Breakhead their ranks were reinforced by a division of Imperial Crusaders, also on the hunt for the sword, and together they made for the town’s central stockade. They were admitted inside by a cadre of strange fisher-folk, beings the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the first age, that bore gills, blue skin and fins. Commander Blackgate, leader of Chimera Company, met with Sage Basso, second-in-command of Breakhead. Basso told them of a great evil that had befallen their little village. 

Sea-Monsters had been attacking the portside town for half a year and only a few of the villagers were left to fend them off. The scouts were insistent upon meeting with the town’s leader to see what they knew of the mysterious thieves. The villagers were resistant, but eventually a deal was struck: when the sea monsters attacking the town lay dead, the villagers would open their temple and allow an audience with Evad Adrianus.

Together, the scouts, crusaders and villagers set forth to recover three totems to aid in bringing down the Sea-beasts. Immediately upon setting out, however, they were set upon by the very monsters they sought to destroy. After suffering a few casualties, the forces split into three groups, and were successful in recovering the totems. With these sacred objects in hand, they battled the monsters on a hill overlooking the town and brought down the creatures. Under the suspicious eye of the Crusaders, the villagers successfully performed the rites of burial and passage on the fallen beasts, but were unable to return the totems to their holy sites. 

After a moment to recover themselves, the Scouts were admitted into the sanctum of Evad Adrianus, leader of the Breakhead village. The Evad welcomed them in and told the scouts many things the village had held in secrecy. 

First, the Villagers were Corallusks, the descendants of the same monsters that had begun to plague the town. For centuries the monsters and them had lived in harmony, and no one was sure why they had turned upon the village. Though a few of the beasts were defeated this day, more would be back the next morning. 

More startling than the parentage of the villagers were the religious customs they described. Breakhead worshipped a tenth god, Shadar Bashro, who three hundred years earlier had snuck into the pantheon. It was only through Bashro’s guidance that Breakhead was able to protect itself. When villagers asked Bashro for help with the monsters, they were shown a gleaming sword, covered in jewels, hidden away in high tower. They did indeed steal the Sword of Legends, but it was only at the behest of their god, who said the blade would protect them. Who were they to go against the will of the divine? While Bashro’s divinity allowed them entry to a tower protected by the Nine, there was one detail he left out. The sword can only be wielded by a great hero who is worthy of the blade. 

This new information was declared heresy by the Crusaders, who took a Corallusk hostage and fled from the sanctum. The scouts took this news more solemnly and had a brief moment of reflection on what they had learned. Many sided with the Corallusks, including Commander Blackgate, who thought it best to aid the poor villagers. But several remained loyal to the empire, saying it was by divine imperial mandate that they take back the sword, by force if necessary. None were sure what to think of the claims of a secret god.  All were drawn into a bloody battle with the Scouts and the Corallusks emerging victorious. In the end, the Scouts who survived swore to help the Corallusks against their plague of monsters and the sword was left with them. 

What is to come, no one could yet know. But you will… in Chapter Three CALL OF THE WAR COUNCIL. 

The Legends of Gelgador: Part 1

The Story So Far

Part 1: The Sword In The Dark

Representatives of Arroway, Otar and Bedos, the Great Nations of Gelgador, gathered at the Temple of the Gods, at the call of Mountain Hammersmith and the Great Oracle. Representatives from each group shared all the troubles and tragedies that befell their nations. Each nation shared that they had been praying and speaking to lesser gods, gods outside their main Pantheon, to try to improve the troubles facing their respective nations. Everyone came to the conclusion that the Pantheon, the gods they had followed for so long, had abandoned them. 

With this in mind, the people of Gelgador visited the altars of their gods to call down avatars and beg one last time for aid. Arroway visited the altar of Lilanlur- god of shadows, sleep and dreaming. Otar visited the altar of Barad Kazar- god of hard stone, caverns and gold. Bedos visited the altar of Tempus – god of sunlight, music and gems. Each group made a gift at the altar, enabling them to speak to their god through their Evad, the priests to the gods. The gods appeared, but they did not offer much help.

The people of Gelgador regrouped, each group hoping the others had more luck. Instead, everyone said their god was very aggressive, and angry they were praying to gods outside the original Pantheon. The gods claimed that because of this, they were unwilling to help. Hearing tyranny in their words, and unwilling to return to a world where people lived to placate the gods, the Great Oracle said it was time for a new Pantheon, one that would lead them into the future. 

However, the discussion was interrupted by the Evads, who having become vessels for their respective gods cried heresy and refused to take part. They brought with them the ancient Tarpeian Guard, sent by the gods to crush the bodies and spirits of the people of the Gelgador. The Oracles’ own guards left, joining the forces that now threatened the very heart of Gelgador.

Regrouping, Magnus the Bookworm, assistant to the Great Oracle, said they knew where the pieces of the Sword of Legends, a sword which can kill even a god, were stored. The leaders of the assembled nations agreed that they had to get the pieces of the Sword! So our heroes ventured out, fighting off monsters and tricking the gods to assemble this great artifact.

Returning to the outskirts of the woods, each group successfully brought their piece of the sword. To banish the gods and guards, they completed the ritual in the temple. Here the sword was reforged, blessing the weapons of the heroes. The people of Gelgador ventured forth from the temple, pushing back the gods and their assembled forces. Despite grave losses, Gelgador won its future back, and with several people making the ultimate sacrifice, a new Pantheon was raised, this time with nine gods to support the land of Gelgador. 

Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 5

The Story So Far

Part 5: Odyssey

The hunt to find and rescue Mongo Valesser continues! Led by Jaxx Meridian, a coalition of Mongo’s allies from past adventures and members of The Blackstar Battalion have discovered where Mongo is in the Galaxy.  Deep within the dense and forested planet of Cambion, a dark and powerful organization of smugglers known as The Court of 999 Silks has Mongo Valesser. They will be handing him off to The Cult of Spotier Orpheus. Luckily, a group of newly formed rebels who opposes The Court of 999 Silks has agreed to help free Mongo Valesser in exchange for armament and assistance in their rebellion. 

A small drop ship from In Amber Clad lands secretly on the forest floor of Cambion. This ships contains Mongo’s allies and the Blackstar Battalion, as well as the ancient artificial intelligence Grand Khal Oriator who was brought along to help give strategic advice against the Cult of Spotier Orpheus. They all rendezvous with representatives of The Resistance, led by Zanji of the Jivata Clan. Using information from the resistance, they are able to plan an ambush of the trade site where The Court of 999 Silks plans to turn Mongo over to the Cult of Spotier Orpheus.

Everyone gets into their hiding spots for the ambush. Well hidden when the Court of 999 Silks arrives with Mongo, the Resistance and Mongo’s allies spring the trap. Outnumbered, the representatives of the court give Mongo up quickly. Mongo is hurt and in terrible shape. As Mongo is examined, the Cult of Spotier Orpheus arrive. Mongo is quickly moved to the landing ship, with many soldiers from the Resistance and The Blackstar Battalion staying behind to ensure they are not being followed.

As everyone tries to board the ship, they discover that the AI Grand Khal Oriator has betrayed them, and secretly let members of the Cult of Spotier Orpheus on the ship to break it. The AI is moved to a makeshift, yet secure, containment facility outside the ship. Jaxx Meridian figures out what is wrong with the ship, and divides tasks so they can leave the planet of Cambion. 

The Blackstar Battalion leads an expedition out into the dense forests to find the navigation controls stolen by members of the Cult of Spotier Orpheus. They have a hard time fighting the soldiers from the Cult, who have power armor. But they are able to find and capture the one member with the navigation controls while taking heavy casualties from the other cult soldiers. A successful tactical retreat brings the remaining members of the Blackstar Battalion back to the landing ship. 

Meanwhile, The Resistance heads back to their secret base, so they can retrieve data, files, weapons and artifacts they have stolen from the Court of 999 Silks. They arrive at their base and discover members of the Court waiting to ambush them. A large fight ensues, as the Court of 999 Silks uses blood magic to call nearby creatures and monsters to their aid. The resistance is at first overwhelmed by the monsters. Zanji of the Jivata Clan distracts the monsters, making it possible for the rest of the Resistance fighters to get out of the base. Zanji pays the ultimate price, sacrificing their life. Distraught, the remaining Resistance members flee to the landing ship. 

At the landing ship, the navigational controls are starting to be reinstalled. This process will take some time. The landing ship is quickly descended upon by the combined forces of the Cult of Spotier Orpheus and the Court of 999 Silks. The Cult is trying to free the Artificial Intelligence. Mongo reminds everyone that this AI can not fall into the enemy’s hands. A fight ensues around the makeshift containment facility, while the Resistance defends the ship. Eventually the AI is brought back aboard the ship. 

With the combined forces of the Blackstar Battalion and the Resistance, many of the forces of the Court of 999 Silks and the beasts they control are slain. After a long fight and with an operational navigation system, those still living are able to board the ship and set off, having successfully saved Mongo Valesser.

Living Legends 3000: Groups and People


  • Mongo’s Marauders — The group of space pirates, soldiers and adventurers who work most closely with notorious smuggler Mongo Valesser. What was once a ragtag group of ever changing associates and mercenaries has become a loyal and close-knit crew. They have gone on several adventures and expeditions with Mongo, usually to uncover long forgotten relics on far away planets. Recently absorbed many of the members of the Crew of In Amber Clad due to their historical loyalty to Mongo and their excellent military track record.
    • Leader: Mongo Valesser
    • 2nd in Command: Captain Orlando Thane
    • Group Status: Active
  • Blackstar Battalion — An elite mercenary company known for its skill in ground combat and planetary infiltration. Aided Mongo Vallesser in the past, particularly in ground raids and valuable person and/or item extraction.
    • Leader: Commander Xavier Comstock 
    • Group Status: Active
  • Crew of In Amber Clad— The loyal and adventurous crew of the space faring pirate ship In Amber Clad. Known for transporting and smuggling goods and weapons. Due to loyalty to Mongo Valesser, many members of this group and its leader, Captain Orlando Thane, were absorbed by Mongo’s Maurauders.
    • Leader: Orlando Thane
    • Group Status: Absorbed into Mongo’s Marauders (LL3000: Part 3)
  • The Gears of Liberty — A collection of sentient robots from a star system where they are slaves to non-robotic races. This desperate rebel group has been fighting for their freedom for some time now. Their rebellion is strong and they will soon be victorious. Known allies of Mongo Valesser who gave them weapons after The Gears of Liberty helped save him and destroy The Phantom Shock Society. (LL3000: Part 3)
      • Leader: Apollo 2.0
      • Group Status: Active
  • The Trees of Cheem — Travelers and clerics from the distant planet Cheem, which was inhabited by a race of humanoid trees and plants. Cheem was not their home planet, which was destroyed by Spotier Orpheus during his reign centuries ago. Much of their people’s history was lost to time. Known allies of Mongo Valesser. He gave them historical references and artifacts of their ancestors that were once lost to time after The Trees of Cheem helped save him and destroy The Phantom Shock Society. (LL3000: Part 3)
    • Group Status: Active
  • Phantom Shock Society — A secret force of Police, Special Agents and Soldiers who hunt down and capture criminals throughout the Galactic Commonwealth. They have hunted both Mongo Valesser and the crew of In Amber Clad in the past. They attacked Mongo Valesser and those attending his auction at The Snake Pit on the Planet Krosan. The Phantom Shock Society agents in the raid were defeated by those in attendance — Mongo’s Marauders, The Gears of Liberty and The Trees of Cheem — (LL3000: Part 3). Leaderless and with most of its agents killed in action, The Phantom Shock Society has been temporarily disbanded by the Galactic Commonwealth.
    • Group Status: Inactive
  • The Star Chasers Guild — True explorers and adventurers, this group of planetary cartographers and archaeologists aided Mongo in the past, during his raid of the ancient tomb Eberon Keep.  This group’s historical knowledge of the moons surrounding Yozon aided Mongo greatly in this raid (LL3000 Parts 1 & 2). Unfortunately the de facto leader of the group, historian Vincent Vekta, betrayed and was eventually killed by Mongo’s Marauders (LL3000 Part 3). Other members of the Star Chasers Guild have not been asked to assist in any expeditions or missions by Mongo since.
    • Group Status: Unknown


  • Mongo Valesser — A mercenary captain and explorer turned smuggler, and leader of the coalition of pirates, explorers and mercenaries known as Mongo’s Marauders. Interested in finding ancient and old world artifacts from Spotier Orpheus reign, and selling them for large profits.
    • Status: Alive
    • Portrayed by Reilly Jeckerbyrne
  • Captain Orlando Thane — A notorious smuggler and space pirate. Captain of the ship In Amber Clad, and leader of the ship’s crew. Closely allied with Mongo Valesser, often allowing the crime lord to use his ship for smuggling and transportation.Status: Alive
    • Portrayed by Andy Brown
  • Commander Xavier Comstock — A brilliant military mind and commander of The Blackstar Battalion mercenary company. Known comrade of Mongo Valesser, assisting with ground combat and infiltration for Mongo’s Marauders on several occasions.
    • Status: Alive
    • Portrayed by Liam Quinlan
  • Vincent Vekta — A disgraced cartographer and historian who was hired by Mongo Valesser to help collect old world artifacts from Spotier Orpheus’ reign. He assembled more cartographers and archaeologists for this task, and this group would go on to become The Star Chasers Guild.
    • Status: Dead; Killed by members of Mongo’s Marauders when he revealed that he was working with the remnants of the Phantom Shock Society. (LL3000: Part 3)
    • Portrayed by Eli Buncher
  • B.O.B. — An ancient droid designed by Spotier Orpheus that was reprogrammed by Vincent Vekta and The Star Chasers Guild. Named “B.O.B.” by members of Mongo’s Marauders. Helped Mongo’s Marauders retrieve old world artifacts from Spotier Orpheus’ reign.
    • Status: Unknown; Last seen escaping Yozon-4 with Mongo’s Marauders, but was believed to have been hacked by The Phantom Shock Society. (LL3000: Part 2)
    • Portrayed by Eliot Addams

Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 4

The Story So Far

Part 4: Smuggler’s Reign

Much time passed after the incident with the Phantom Shock Society at the Snake Pit. Mongo Vallesser and his associates became the de facto rulers of Tricutta Sector of the Galactic Commonwealth, the lawless planets and stars at the edge of the Galaxy. The Trees of Cheem returned to Cheem with historical references and artifacts of their ancestors that were once lost to time. The Gears of Liberty returned to their homeworld and fought valiantly for their freedom. Their fight was not over, but freedom for all robotic kind and victory was drawing nearer.

But all was not well in the Galaxy. A group of robots from The Gears of Liberty splintered off and started their own movement. Led by Artemis 2.0, this group wanted to destroy all non-robotic life throughout the galaxy. Violent and determined, these Robots landed on Krosan, the rock planet that is home to The Snake Pit. Mongo Valesser had not been heard from, and a distress beacon was picked up on the outskirts of The Snake Pit’s Military base. Jaxx Meridian, an old ally of Mongo’s, was gathering a force to land on Krosan to fight the Robots and find out what happened to Mongo and his associates. Joining him were representatives from The Trees of Cheem and The Gears of Liberty, who had a vested interest in stopping Artemis 2.0. Rounding out the group was The Blackstar Battalion, a group of mercenaries led by Commander Xavier Comstock who have helped Mongo in the past.

Everyone landed on Krosan and carefully ventured through the abandoned outposts making up The Snake Pit’s Military Base. They found many buildings and outposts that were locked and so they could not get inside. Eventually everyone was able to get into a med-bay and supply power to the building to make it fully operational. The Gears of Liberty made sure the medical robot staffing the med-bay was not allied with Artemis 2.0 before members of the Trees of Cheem named the previously unnamed med-bot “Syringe.”

Jaxx Meridian led the full force out into the nearby woods to find the distress beacon. They found an escape pod that crash landed, with its distress beacon going off. They found a glowing key inside the escape pod as well, but were forced to quickly retreat as Artemis 2.0 and the Robots charged through the woods at them. Once on higher ground and out of the woods, The Gears of Liberty and the Blackstar Battalion were able to keep Artemis 2.0 and the Robots from entering the Military base, but struggled to deal with the enemies’ stronger weapons and firepower. Many were injured in the process. Meanwhile The Trees of Cheem brought the Key and everyone who was injured to the med-bay. Syringe was able to heal the injured, as well as tell them that these keys were needed to enter into the locked buildings and outposts throughout the military base.

The Trees of Cheem rejoined their allies and ventured into the woods to find the remaining keys, with Artemis 2.0 in pursuit. Despite being under heavy assault in the forest, The Trees of Cheem, The Gears of Liberty and Blackstar Battalion were able to get the remaining keys and return them to the med-bay. Syringe told everyone that they needed to use the keys to open up the Mainframe of the military base, where the Master A.I. would be able to tell them what has happened on the base.

At the Mainframe, a representative from each group used a key piece to turn it on. It took some time, but eventually the A.I. appeared and explained that they were Grand Khal Oriator, an ancient AI of Spotier Orpheus design. Oriator was programmed in some of the old world tech Mongo used to redesign the military base. Oriator then explained that Artemis 2.0 and their Robots were trying to destroy the med-bay. The Blackstar Battalion and The Gears of Liberty ascended to the med-bay to stop the attack, while the Trees of Cheem continued to interrogate Oriator. They were able to make sure Syringe was not destroyed or re-programmed in the process. Artemis 2.0 was forced to flee into the woods after Syringe had everyone help them recharge the med bay’s forcefield.

Having regrouped back at the Mainframe, The Trees of Cheem were able to explain that they found out from Oriator that Mongo and all of his associates at the Snake Pit had been captured and given to the secret Cult of Spotier Orpheus. Oriator called upon Artemis 2.0 and their forces to descend upon everyone. A large fight ensued, and a small band of Blackstar soldiers and Robots from the Gears of Liberty went to the med-bay to get Syringe to assist in the fight. Many in the fight were injured, but Syringe was able to help heal the injured and turn the tide of the fight. The Trees of Cheem and Blackstar Battalion were able to keep the Robots under Artemis 2.0’s control from gaining access to Oriator. Eventually The Gears of Liberty were able to Kill Artemis 2.0.

After the fight, everyone had an opinion about what to do with Oriator. Some wanted to permanently disable the A.I., while others wanted to use it to gain information about the cult of Spotier Orpheus.  Eventually it was concluded that Oriator while powerful and dangerous, was too knowledgeable and useful to destroy. They decided to use Oriator to their advantage in their future fight against the Cult of Spotier Orpheus, and to help find and rescue Mongo Vallesser.

Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 3

The Story So Far

Part 3: Rogue Moon Rising

Having waited a long enough time to let the heat die down, and with the disbanding of the police force The Phantom Shock Society, Mongo’s Marauders were ready to sell the loot from Eberon Keep to the highest bidders from throughout the galaxy. Mongo got the notorious crime lord Viper Mouth to host the auction at their hideout, The Snake Pit.

Several groups and organizations arrived at the Snake Pit for the sale. These groups included:

  • The Gears of Liberty: A collection of sentient robots from a star system where they were slaves to non-robotic races. This desperate rebel group, led by Apollo 2.0, was there to gather weapons and tech that might aid them in their rebellion.
  • The Trees of Cheem: This group came from the distant planet Cheem, which was inhabited by a race of humanoid trees and plants. Cheem was not their home planet, which was destroyed by Spotier Orpheus during his reign. Much of their people’s history was lost to time. They were hoping to find artifacts from their homeworld, or artifacts and tech that could help with healing or terraformation.
  • The Elven Homeworld: These rich Elves were there to buy artifacts for their museums and personal collections, as well as tech that had cultural and historical records from Spotier Orpheus’ reign.

All the groups arrived at The Snake Pit where they had to give an offering to Viper Mouth before they were able to view and inspect the items being auctioned by Mongo. These items were guarded by Mongo’s Marauders, led by Captain Orlando Thane. Vincent Vekta was on site to answer questions about the various artifacts and items for sale. These included a Healing Gun, a Ghost Sword, an Energy Sword, a Flower Sword, a fish skeleton with magical and mind control abilities, a cup that always refilled with water, and lots of old world tech. The tech used languages and codes lost to time, so they could not actually be opened.

Everyone moved outside to the auction site to start bidding on items. During the auction, The Elves revealed themselves to be Agents from Phantom Shock Society who refused to retire when the program was shut down. They were rogue agents there to kill Mongo’s Marauders and take all of the loot and items for sale. The Elves attacked everyone else, and Viper Mouth was killed in the ensuing fight. Mongo was shot by Vincent Vekta, revealing that he too was working with the Phantom Shock Society. Several members of the Trees of Cheem were able to keep him alive, while the Gears of Liberty and Mongo’s Marauders were able to clear a path back to the Snake Pit.

Inside the Snake Pit everyone worked to keep Mongo alive. It was determined that more serious medicine would be needed to fully heal him. The Trees of Cheem stayed with Mongo and defended the Snake Pit. Orlando Thane called in an emergency medical drop from In Amber Clad to their drop zone. The Gears of Liberty accompanied them to the drop zone, and found many members of the Phantom Shock Society waiting to ambush them. They were able to fight through and get the medicine. Members of Mongo’s Marauders were able to capture Vincent Vekta, who was leading the ambush, and bring them back to Mongo.

After taking medicine and recovering Mongo, the marauders interrogated Vekta. After revealing that it was him who brought the rogue agents of the Phantom Shock Society to the Snake Pit, Mongo asked his marauders what they should do with Vekta. The Marauders decided to kill him for betraying Mongo and everyone who was at the auction. He was killed by some of Mongo’s longest tenured marauders. Everyone then prepared to storm the auction site and kill the rogue agents, while getting the items and loot back.

A fight ensued at the auction site, with the Agents holding the upper hand using the powerful weapons (Ghost Sword, Energy Sword, Healing Gun). But after Orlando Thane and some marauders pushed into their ranks, allowing for the Trees of Cheem to follow and retrieve the Healing Gun, the tide turned permanently in their favor. The Trees of Cheem were able to revive and heal fallen comrades, while the remaining power weapons were retrieved by members of Mongo’s Marauders and Gears of Liberty.

After their victory, Mongo took over the Snake Pit while the Gears of Liberty and Trees of Cheem left with whatever items they wanted free of charge for assisting Mongo’s Marauders and helping save Mongo’s life.  

Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 2

The Story So Far

Part 2: The Raiders of Yozon-4

Having rejoined Mongo’s Marauders — Mongo Valesser, The Blackstar Battalion, Crew of In Amber Clad,  and The Star Chaser Guild — on Yozon-4, we found them gathered shortly after the events of the first installment. The Blackstar Battalion led a group to get the weapons from the armory, and found that someone else had already been there and taken the weapons. Meanwhile at the med-bay, B.O.B. and The Star Chaser Guild, watched as a bug hatched from an egg. Given the choice of trying to work with the new hatchling or killing it, the members of The Star Chaser Guild opted to save the baby bug and train it, in the hopes of domestication.

With all the groups returning to the outpost, Mongo Valesser moved everyone en masse to the drop zone for a weapons drop. When they arrived there they were met by a rival gang of raiders covered in what was clearly old-world technology. They were The Haylayers, and they said that the ruins and everything in them belongs to them. They attacked, and Mongo’s Marauders retreated to the outpost while being chased by the well armored Haylayer soldiers who captured B.O.B. in the process.

At the outpost it was decided by the groups of the members that diving deeper into Eberon Keep was not then possible, so they focused on moving what they already had out of the outpost and onto In Amber CladThe Blackstar Battalion and the crew of In Amber Clad assaulted the Haylayers at the Drop Zone, and pushed them back. They also retrieved the weapons from the initial weapons drop and stole some old world tech from the Haylayers. 

Meanwhile, Mongo Valesser and The Star Chaser Guild followed B.O.B.’s beacon into Eberon Keep. A small group of Haylayers were using some machines in the old generator room to try and reprogram B.O.B. Mongo and The Star Chaser Guild were able to push through Haylayer soldiers and get to B.O.B. and stop the reprogramming. They escaped with B.O.B. and returned to the outpost.

Everyone met at the Base one last time, and grabbed all of the riches, valuables, artifacts and weapons they had plundered from Eberon Keep. They marched it all down to the drop zone. Upon arrival, they found that their communication relay was broken. The Star Chaser Guild started to fix the relay, as Mongo, The Blackstar Battalion and the crew of In Amber Clad defended them from waves of Haylayer soldiers. The Haylayers were intent on reclaiming everything taken from Eberon Keep. They had even brought a bomb down as a last resort. As their numbers thinned, the Haylayers got ready to plant the bomb and blow everyone away. But as they were in the process, Mongo and some of the soldiers from the various groups charged through and claimed the bomb for themselves. Some Star Chaser Guild members rigged it to explode in a full minute. Everyone started to back up to the drop zone, but more Haylayers were approaching. This final wave was mostly wiped out by the expulsion from the bomb. Everyone got into the drop zone and was warped up to In Amber Clad

Unfortunately, they discovered that when B.O.B. was being operated on earlier, they were hacked from an outside source, that many believed was the police force The Phantom Shock Society. A vote was held and the majority elected to sell or abandon B.O.B. so that they cannot be tracked by, presumably, The Phantom Shock Society. Mongo reminded everyone that they would soon be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams with the loot they recovered from Eberon Keep. They set off with the intent of finding a buyer for their bounty of old world technology, weapons and loot.

Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 1

The Story So Far

Part 1: In The Ruins of Eberon Keep

Deep within the dense rock and forests of Yozon-4, the fourth moon of the gas giant Yozon in the Tricutta Sector, lies a fortress of impenetrable mystery and promise. Belonging to the ancient God-King Spotier Orpheus, Eberon Keep was a military stronghold of the God-King’s design. Mongo Valesser assembled a crack team of soldiers, adventurers, and scientists to land on Yozon-4 and raid the ruins of Eberon Keep. His team was comprised of

  • The smugglers, space pirates and crew of In Amber Clad
  • The soldiers and warriors in the mercenary company The Blackstar Battalion
  • The scientists and explorers of The Star Chaser Guild

After landing, an abandoned outpost and med-bay were discovered on the outskirts of Eberon Keep. These were turned into an impromptu base of operations for the mission. Shortly after ancient security droids arrived, one of which was hacked and reprogrammed by members of The Star Chaser Guild. This droid was eventually renamed B.O.B. and explained how the med-bay could be returned to operational status. The Star Chaser guild stayed behind to help B.O.B., while the crew of In Amber Clad and members of The Blackstar Battalion descended into the ruins with Mongo.

An infestation of arachnid like bugs made their presence known, attacking those exploring the ruins. This made it difficult to retrieve what Mongo wanted within Eberon Keep (the location of which they knew thanks to B.O.B.):

  • Old World Tech and Power Cells within the Generator and Power Center
  • Weapons of the God-King’s design with The Armory

Power cells were brought back to The Star Chaser Guild to help power the med-bay, while the tech and weapons were unable to be retrieved. Reasoning that they would be able to get the rest once the bugs were dealt with, Mongo focused his forces on defeating or ridding themselves of the bugs. Eventually bug eggs were discovered and brought back to the med-bay for inspection by the medics and scientists from In Amber Clad and The Star Chaser Guild. However they did not know how defensive the bugs were, and all of Mongo’s forces had to protect the outpost and med-bay from a massive swarm of bugs coming to retrieve the eggs. In a massive battle, Mongo’s forces were able to defeat the bugs. They set up the outpost as a more permanent base of operations and prepared for the arrival of reinforcements to help with a future deeper dive into Eberon Keep.

Living Legends 3000: History & Setting

Living Legends 3000: History & Setting


The Living Legends 3000 series of live-action theatrical Adventure Games take place in the planetary systems that make up The Galactic Commonwealth. Commonly known as The Commonwealth, The Galactic Commonwealth is the democratic union of sovereign planetary systems that govern the known galaxy. The Commonwealth started out, centuries ago, as a coalition of rebellion movements and secret governments aligned to overthrow the magi-militaristic regime of The God-King Spotier Orpheus.

Aided by unknowable demon magic and dark science, the interplanetary conqueror Spotier Orpheus ruled over the galaxy. He was a military genius, and viewed by many throughout the galaxy as a god or deity, earning the moniker “God-King.” At the height of his cruel, galactic reign every single major star system was either directly under his rule or nervously allied with him.

Spotier Orpheus’ fall was marked by a series of military disasters and the genius of various starship captains and military leaders of the upstart Commonwealth. Spotier Orpheus was eventually defeated in a fury of bright noise, blinding lights and uncontrollable hell fire. The Commonwealth’s Armada bombarded The God-King’s command ship The Despoiler and his remaining fleet into extinction.

An age of peace fell over the Galaxy under the reign of the Galactic Commonwealth. For centuries the galaxy has remained free of any full-scale war. But the Galaxy still bears the wounds of Spotier Orpheus’ long and destructive reign. The graveyards of war were huge and expansive, floating aimlessly in the vastness of space and on the surfaces of conquered worlds. To this day, it is difficult to forget his devastation.


The Adventure Games of the  Living Legends 3000 series of live-action theatrical Adventure Games are set in the Tricutta Sector of the Galactic Commonwealth. This sector of star systems and planets lies on the far reaches of the galaxy and is primarily known for being loosely governed, making it a haven for smugglers and pirates.

The Phantom Shock Society, the strongest arm of the Commonwealth’s Police force, has seemingly disappeared from the Tricutta Sector. Adventure and riches wait for those willing to journey to the Tricutta Sector and join explorer and mercenary captain turned Crime Lord Mongo Valesser on a series of dangerous expeditions throughout the stars.