Wayfinder’s History!

A Company for the Community

One of the most important strengths of The Wayfinder Experience lies within the relationships we have built amongst our staff. They have allowed us to operate in an environment of trust and support, and pass on those ideals to our participants. These relationships began when Wayfinder’s founders were very young, attending a summer camp called the Adventure Game Theatre (AGT).
AGT was run by Howard Moody and Brian Alison, and developed many elements of the programming you see today at The Wayfinder Experience.

Many of our founders learned the ins and outs of improvisational theatre, foam swordplay, and world building during their time as participants at AGT. Growing up within the community they began to suggest ways to improve and develop programming. They started to suggest ideas for more advanced ways to run the LARP Adventure Games and blocks of time that would be built entirely around the ideals of community. Their roles as participants slowly developed into full-time staff positions.

As AGT continued to develop under the guidance of that core staff it became clear that there was a need for transition. The Wayfinder Experience grew out of that need. Centering themselves in the Hudson Valley that group of staff split from AGT and started running programming on their own. As time went forward the community came back together and AGT was absorbed back into the Wayfinder Experience. Having combined the experience and expertise, Wayfinder has been able to offer the best programming possible ever since.

Moving into a new decade, in 2012, Wayfinder found itself in need of new leadership. It was at that time this long standing staff members Corinne McDonald and Trine Boode-Petersen took over ownership and all administrate duties to grow the company. They have been running the Wayfinder Experience along side the now larger administration team much to the betterment of the community and company since.