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It’s more epic than your favorite fantasy movie. It’s more exciting than your favorite video game. It’s also a community of friends that accepts you for who you are, not what you look like. It’s a safe place where you can come out of your shell and be yourself.

IMG_3616Imagine a summer camp where no matter who you are or what you look like you can feel accepted.  A summer camp where staff and campers hang out and laugh together.  A summer camp where workshops are challenging and entertaining at the same time.  A summer camp where your voice truly matters.

Now imagine if that was just the beginning. That during this live action role playing summer camp you could transform into a completely new persona and interact in an epic adventure more real than any video game or movie. A LARP experience that transcends anything you have experienced. A new world to explore, evil to conquer, magic to cast…where the action and the story itself depends entirely on your choices. At The Wayfinder Experience you’ll have the chance for all this and more.


The LARP Adventure Game at the Wayfinder Experience is based on Improvisational Theatre, a free-flowing form of acting in which there is no set script. Our staff will introduce you to Improv through entertaining (and often hysterical) games and provide you with a sense of confidence in your improvisational abilities. During the experience, participants are given a chance to become the characters they will create and to participate in numerous scenes and interactions.  Wayfinder has helped participants develop a new level of self-confidence through this work.


i-sLPb4SF-MFor those of you who enjoy rugged activity, the Wayfinder Experience is perfect. From large games of Capture the Flag with foam swords, to mass battle enactments, we challenge our participants to push themselves to their physical limits, while ensuring a safe and fun time for all. The true challenge lies in our culminating live action role playing game, as participants are granted the opportunity to defeat enemies, defend strongholds, and dash through this new world in a desperate race to complete their quest all while using play-safe weapons and with an emphasis on cooperation rather than competition.

The Outdoors

wfe2012 part2 321All of our summer camps are conducted in beautiful, natural settings where the atmosphere adds to the brilliance of the experience itself. Participants quickly acquire an appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors, as well as confidence in their familiarity with their environment. From hiking to star gazing to sitting around a bonfire, the Wayfinder Experience utilizes its environment to engage participants in the wonders of nature.


Making New Friends

Like most summer camps, the Wayfinder Experience promotes a setting in which participants may form lasting bonds with new friends. Through the LARP Adventure Game, Wayfinder also provides a unique opportunity for participants to bond not only in this world, but in many others. With an emphasis on community awareness, trust exercises, and cooperative play, Wayfinder participants are sure to walk away with friendships that will last a lifetime. We should know; our founders, current owners, and staff are primarily comprised of former participants who, many years later, remain an incredibly tight-knit community of friends.

Inclusive Space

All of Wayfinder’s summer camps and events are designed to be inclusive spaces. As an organization it is important to us to make a welcoming space for queer and trans youth. LARP provides the opportunity for these campers to explore facets of their identity that may not feel safe to explore in school or other social environments. Through the magic of our live action role playing Adventure Game, we have helped so many teens find the person they are striving to be.