Winter Game 2019 Registration is Open!

Our longest-standing off-season event approaches:  Winter Game, when we get together in the middle of Winter Break to share a little holiday cheer and play the last Adventure Game of the year.  Our story this year: “The Kiln Incandescent”, by Oliver ten Broeke.  Life on Wonen has been cyclical for longer than records could suggest. The process of life itself is cyclical: After death, the body and soul are reforged in the Kiln Incandescent. There are whispers, however, of a shambling covenant, wandering the world in search of the Kiln Incandescent. Many worry that this group could spell the end of the Cycle – and with it, the end of the stability of life….

Join us at Holmes Camp and Retreat December 27th-29th.  Registration here.

Story Teaser can be found here.