Summer Story Schedule 2019

Summer Story Schedule

Woodstock Day School Week 1: July 8th-12th Game: Heaven’s Gaze by Mike Jones Week 2: July 15th-19th Game: Eclua Chronicles by Deanna Abrams Week 3: July 22d-26th Game: Crown of Teeth by Jay Dragon High Meadow School Week 1: July 22d-26th Game: Dragonfall by Mike Phillips Week 2: July 29th-August 2d Game: Lumenites of Uliarch by Jack Warren Hudson Valley Sudbury School July 29th-August 2d Game: Two Minutes Past Midnight in Low Town by Thomas Gordanier and Henry White Unison Arts Week 1: August 5th-9th Game: Age of Beasts by Kal Muste Week 2: August 12th-16th Game: Living Legends 3000: Starlancer Exile by Mike Phillips, Jules Schlauffer & Oliver Milford Week 3: August 19th-23d Game: Alchemy Peak by Maya Ziv Overnight Camps: Specialty: Tricksters at Holmes Camp and Retreat Center, July 8th-13th Game: Shadows of Sherwood by Josh Culbertson Advanced at Holmes Camp and Retreat Center, July 14th-July 21st Game 1: White Dust, Red Rain by Kal Muste, Jack Warren & Jay Dragon Game 2: Dancing in the Field by Silas Schwartz Game 3: Twilight Bridges by Maya Ziv and Worsey Immersion at Holmes Camp and Retreat Center, August 18th-25th Game: Maira’s Gate by Ruby Lavin