Wayfinder Closing Through The Winter

Sadly, the pandemic has made things incredibly hard on us as a company.  Our overhead (insurance, rent, payroll, etc.) is just too high to cover without being able to run summer camps. As such, we have decided to look towards next summer and make our ability to run events then our main focus.  So, we will not run any events (other than finishing out our weekly afterschool class) from November 1st through March 1st, but we are looking for ways to bring the community together digitally during that time.

Halting operations also means that our office staff will be furloughed.  Wayfinder, for all intents and purposes, will enter a short period of hibernation to allow it to emerge again. Emails will be checked weekly during that period should you want to reach us.

The work that we did this summer was fantastic and it has helped to support us to this point in a difficult year, but the numbers don’t come close to the realities of the organization at the moment. We thank those of you who helped make this past summer so wonderful and truly look forward to connecting again in the spring.