The Legends of Gelgador: Part 3

The Story So Far

Part 3: The Call of the War Council 

Few years in Gelgador’s history have seen the level of chaos that the past year has brought. The War Council was anything but successful. The Bubta Pigstee delegate was murdered by the captain of the Honor Guard in the middle of the proceedings. The vote over whether to bring war to the Koralusk resulted in a vote for peace. The decision of whether or not to raise Shador Bashro, the god of shadows and secrets, to the pantheon was postponed in the chaos.

Since the War Council tensions have blistered and broken. The Honor Guard have moved a large force into Bedos under the guise of defense. The fighting force which sprung up in response to Boarmaster Darmin’s murder, known as the Broken Tusk, followed suit. Things were just tense, at first. Then the skirmishes started. Members of the Broken Tusk would be found dead in the woods, with the Honor Guard claiming they were bandits. The Honor Guard’s ship would sink. Things were getting steadily worse, until the Day of Blood and Sand. The forces met on the beach with disastrous results. It is the only full battle of the last year and a half, but it was a bloody one, and there is no turning back.
Through all of it, King Royce has been silent. The Honor Guard say they have moved him to somewhere safe, that the tensions present some viable threats against his life. There is no telling where he is, people speak of a Diamond Castle that is used as the king’s retreat.
The Day of Blood and Sand was a little over a month ago. Things have been quiet since. Everyone knows what comes next, but no one is sure where it will strike. The Tides of War are rolling in. There is little we can do to stop it.