The Legends of Gelgador: Part 1

The Story So Far

Part 1: The Sword In The Dark

Representatives of Arroway, Otar and Bedos, the Great Nations of Gelgador, gathered at the Temple of the Gods, at the call of Mountain Hammersmith and the Great Oracle. Representatives from each group shared all the troubles and tragedies that befell their nations. Each nation shared that they had been praying and speaking to lesser gods, gods outside their main Pantheon, to try to improve the troubles facing their respective nations. Everyone came to the conclusion that the Pantheon, the gods they had followed for so long, had abandoned them. 

With this in mind, the people of Gelgador visited the altars of their gods to call down avatars and beg one last time for aid. Arroway visited the altar of Lilanlur- god of shadows, sleep and dreaming. Otar visited the altar of Barad Kazar- god of hard stone, caverns and gold. Bedos visited the altar of Tempus – god of sunlight, music and gems. Each group made a gift at the altar, enabling them to speak to their god through their Evad, the priests to the gods. The gods appeared, but they did not offer much help.

The people of Gelgador regrouped, each group hoping the others had more luck. Instead, everyone said their god was very aggressive, and angry they were praying to gods outside the original Pantheon. The gods claimed that because of this, they were unwilling to help. Hearing tyranny in their words, and unwilling to return to a world where people lived to placate the gods, the Great Oracle said it was time for a new Pantheon, one that would lead them into the future. 

However, the discussion was interrupted by the Evads, who having become vessels for their respective gods cried heresy and refused to take part. They brought with them the ancient Tarpeian Guard, sent by the gods to crush the bodies and spirits of the people of the Gelgador. The Oracles’ own guards left, joining the forces that now threatened the very heart of Gelgador.

Regrouping, Magnus the Bookworm, assistant to the Great Oracle, said they knew where the pieces of the Sword of Legends, a sword which can kill even a god, were stored. The leaders of the assembled nations agreed that they had to get the pieces of the Sword! So our heroes ventured out, fighting off monsters and tricking the gods to assemble this great artifact.

Returning to the outskirts of the woods, each group successfully brought their piece of the sword. To banish the gods and guards, they completed the ritual in the temple. Here the sword was reforged, blessing the weapons of the heroes. The people of Gelgador ventured forth from the temple, pushing back the gods and their assembled forces. Despite grave losses, Gelgador won its future back, and with several people making the ultimate sacrifice, a new Pantheon was raised, this time with nine gods to support the land of Gelgador.