Physical Camp Cancelled; Check Out Virtual Camp!

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have been thinking and talking about how we could possibly run camp safely, if the Health Department even allowed. While we still don’t know for sure what the Health Departments we work with will permit, our analysis of the situation has brought us, sadly, to the conclusion that we can not run in-person summer camps safely this year. We recognize this may be painful news for many of you; it was an excruciatingly difficult and painful decision for us. But we have some good news too. We will be running three weeks of digital camps this summer open to children 10 and up to go along with our Discord server, and are working on some one day digital events that we will be able to dot the calendar with. (If your child has not yet connected with the Discord server, check that out here.) For Wayfinder online camps we have crafted an immersive roleplay experience which is character and story driven, and created specifically to be played online and in the home. The events are meant to engage participants in a way that allows them to explore the creative storytelling, transformative character work, and the supportive social network that Wayfinder (and our Adventure Game) has become known for, while engaging in a digital format that makes full use of the technology at our disposal. Each game will take place over a week of digital camp and include a specially built package of game materials (and some camp goodies). Each week of digital camp will run for the course of 5 days with 3 sessions a day. One week will explore the realities of cryptids being loose in our national parks, one will give participants the chance to explore the great unknown as commanders of their own spaceships, and one will take participants to the mystical realms that exist beyond our own. All will provide a multitude of creative facets giving participants a varied experience that they can tailor to their own interests. We want to make these as accessible as possible, so all of the games are being built to be playable on devices from phones to desktops. Camps will cost $300 per week, with material fees to be added. Registration will open during the last week of May.