Join us for Wayfinder’s very first Digital One Day! We’ll be offering 5 hours of programming on September 26th, including a Digital Adventure Game. The game is called The Paper Bag Boys and is a noir style story where participants play as 1920’s Mafioso characters, but all as hand puppets.  The puppets can be made from paper bags or anything you can think of, even just the participant’s hand!  We’ll send out some suggested instructions ahead of time but will also have time during that day to build puppets together. This should be a very light and fun time, and a chance to interact with other kids in a safe and distant environment. Admission is $50 per person (unless paid by credit card which is $55 due to loss of pay by check discount). Most of the event will be conducted over Zoom and a small portion over our Discord server.  Every participant needs to have or create a Discord account.  

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