This three part Adventure Game Writing Workshop will lead participants through the ins and outs of writing Wayfinder style LARPs. Led by Mike Phillips, a long tenured member of our Story Board, and other veteran Gamewriters, the workshops will provide the time to write, read and engage with Adventure Games prior to our January submission process for Summer stories.  Each class will be different and each will be helpful on its own so come to one, two or three!  (Other classes are on Nov 09 and Dec 14.)  These events will include time to work on actual writing as well as detailed instruction on the types of documents that are needed in order to have an Adventure Game picked.
  • Admission is $20 per class; attend all 3 classes and get $10 off a future event!
  • Participants are expected to bring their own lunch.
  • Sorry but no credit cards for this event; please pay by check or in cash at the door.


Adventure Game Writing Workshop Jan 11



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