Winter Game

Winter Game 2019

A yearly tradition that brings our Wayfinder family together over winter break. All the things you love about camp… but in the snow! Dec. 27th-29th every year. A great holiday gift for your Wayfinder child! Registration available here! This year’s Story is “The Kiln Incandescent” by Oliver ten Broeke.  Here’s a little sneak peek: Most of you are farmers and laborers from Handarr’s Hamlet, a very small town several days south of Inverary’s Capital, Whitehorn. A week from now, you were supposed to have your yearly Harvest Home, a seasonal celebration that consists of food, merriment, and time off from farming. It comes right after all the crops have been gathered and preparations for Winter have been completed. But, something strange has happened. Instead of the gentle chill that comes creeping in on the North wind, it got cold. Really quickly. Unable to anticipate a cold snap this harsh and early, you have entered this Winter unprepared. The Harvest Home has been cancelled. You were planning to send word up North, to Whitehorn (the capital) requesting assistance –fully aware, though, that every other village and hamlet would likely be doing the same. Before sending someone to deliver that message, you were interrupted. A royal courier arrived, informing you that you’d be having visitors, very soon. Amongst them, some students and professors from Whitehorn University, a handful of the Kiln Devotional, and the Queen, all apparently headed to Handarr’s Hamlet. Surprised, and not at all ready for such company, you asked the courier how on Wonen you were supposed to support this visitation, and why were they even stopping in Handarr’s Hamlet? The courier assured you that your guests would bring their own supplies and quartering and, as a gift of good faith, they would leave some extra food with you.  On-the-record, the courier does not know why they’re coming to Handarr’s Hamlet. Off-the-record, they tell you that they’ve heard some rumors. Big rumors. The Kiln Incandescent has been found. Winter Game 2019 will be held at Holmes Camp and Retreat Center located in Holmes, NY (Putnam County).