Weekend Overnight Events

Wayfinder’s Weekend Overnights are a chance for the community to come together and connect year round. These events offer our participants the chance to see friends and share in the communal setting we build at camp, and to play an Adventure Game! We hold them seasonally and look forward to creating space for our campers as often as we can. All these events for our 2022-23 offseason will be held at Holmes Camp and Retreat Center, Holmes, NY.  Come and play with us!

Fall Game

Fall Game’s Adventure Games are light hearted comedy fantasy romps that allow for participants to get the character based play that we all love so much in a light low stakes story. Join us for a fun filled weekend  that promises to be full of laughter.

This year’s Adventure is Happily Never After by Jud and Trine and will be held October 7-9, 2022.  More information and registration  here.

Winter Game

At Winter Game the Adventure Game is our summer standby of epic adventure based stories. Players get the chance to play a character in a world shifting story line, fighting off evil and working together to save the world. Close out the year with us and bring a little bit of magic into the next year with you.
For 2022, in celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we are inviting participants, parents and alumni to join us on December 27th for HearthFire, a special evening featuring a buffet style dinner, a big bonfire and a lot of fun activities. After, we’ll say good-bye to parents and alumni and participants will spend the night.  The next day, Dec 28th will be the start of our traditional two day Winter Game, ending this year on December 30th.

Spring Game

For Spring Game we play horror Adventure Games. Players get the chance to play in a horror movie style setting where the fun is very much in the fear. Players will have the chance both to scare and get scared as we all face down the horrors together. Come out for a weekend of fun and fear as we ramp up to another summer of fun.

April 14- 16, 2023.