Frontier Adventures are one-day, 11-hour long charity events, created to:
  • Explore connections and depth of character in and out of the Adventure Game;
  • Build a deeper community between participants; and
  • Raise money for the Hero Fund.

Experience Adventure Games that go beyond the traditional high fantasy structure of many Wayfinder events, and explore more advanced improvisation and play techniques. The Adventure Games at these events are not fully produced, meaning that participants may be asked to bring their own costumes (for most games, everyday clothes are fine) and there will be less focus on the physical appearance of the game’s sets and backgrounds. Events are open to anyone over the age of 12, including first-time participants. Check us out on Facebook!IMG_9387

We are now offering registration for Frontier Adventures online. Attendance is set at $25 per person. There is a $5 discount for filling out the survey for the event at least a week in advance; the survey link will be provided once registration is submitted.  Participants are expected to bring their own lunch and dinner, though participants may optionally bring $10 for 2 slices of pizza ($12 for gluten-free) and a snack! Forms are now digital and can be found here; computers will be available at check-in if forms have not been submitted ahead of time.

Frontiers are held at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School, 84 Zena Rd, Kingston, NY. They begin at 11 am, and pickup is at 10 pm.

Upcoming Events: We hope to run Frontier Adventures come Fall, 2021. Watch this space for dates!