Wayfinder Experience WarriorWarriors are a diverse class of individuals who study the arts of combat and strategy. Whether they use their might and skill for good or for evil, and whatever weapons they choose to wield, warriors understand that those who win the war control the peace.

Of all the classes in the Wayfinder system, The Warrior contains the most varied set of possible characters. She is the jaded sword-for-hire, the ambitious captain climbing the ranks of a mighty imperial army, or the master fencer who practices combat, as a virtuoso practices music. He is the deadly marksmen, the silent monk who uses his body as a weapon, or the brutish knight who wades into battle without fear, smashing his opponents with raw, ferocious strength,

Warriors lack the fancy tricks and supernatural abilities of the other classes. But while magic may run dry, and even the canniest rogue can be caught, razor-sharp steel is always hard to ignore.