Wayfinder Experience RogueRogues are agile and enterprising folk who use a variety of skills and tricks (and no small amount of luck) to get them through the day. But when shadows grow long and the chance for survival seems slim, the Rogue truly shines.

The Rogue is the thief who steals the King’s most valued possession in the black of night… and escapes to tell the tale. She is the cunning spy who values information over all other “treasure,” wielding secrets as weapons and wearing her anonymity like armor. He is the coldblooded assassin, master of poisons and silent death, but also the inventive young farmhand whose “silly little pranks” are what saves the town from the ogre horde.

Whether she uses her abilities for good or ill, the Rogue is an opportunist and is more than willing to lie, cheat, steal, connive, manipulate, back-stab and poison to achieve her goals.


Rogues have a unique assortment of abilities available to them that support a diverse range of character types. The Rogue’s abilities are divided into three Disciplines: Avoidance, Streetwise and Tools. Some example abilities are included here:


The Avoidance Discipline contains a range of tricks and talents to help the Rogue get out of sticky situations.

Escape Artist: Escape Artist enables the Rogue to escape any bonds that bind him. This ability works on all manner of restraints (including ropes, manacles, and the Capture spell). To escape his bonds, the Rogue must visibly and noticeably struggle for at least 30 seconds. This maneuver must be obvious to anyone watching the Rogue (and is therefore most effective when she is left unsupervised).


The Streetwise Discipline is a collection of strategies and methods that represent knowledge gained from working among the shadier elements of society.

Smuggle: The Smuggle ability enables the Rogue to stow a small object in the secret compartment of his or her clothing or bag, making it invisible to all but the most well trained eyes.  To Smuggle an object, the Rogue must wrap it in a “spirit costume” to render it undetectable. If searched by someone using the Search ability, the Rogue need not reveal the Smuggled item. If, during the Search, the Searcher finds the Smuggled item out of character the Searcher will be able to see it.


The Tools Discipline consists of a number of weapons and gadgets that aid a Rogue in his or her clandestine activities.

Blowgun: The Blowgun ability allows the Rogue the use of a blowgun, and a small number of knockout darts. Anyone hit with a dart is knocked unconscious for fifteen minutes (as with the Trap ability). An unconscious character may be woken up immediately with a dose of Antidote, or with several minutes of concerted effort by an ally.