Wayfinder Experience Mage

Mages wield eldritch power and use it to impose their will upon the world. Because Mages devote their lives to the study and practice of magic, they do not have the time to train in the use of weapons and armor. However, though a Mage may not know a sword’s pommel from its point, her scrolls contain incantations more deadly than any blade. He can shatter bones with blasts of arcane energy, bend enemies to their will, walk in the spaces between worlds, kill with a whisper, and even halt the very flow of time.

The Mage is the old hermit who once drove a dragon from the Kingdom. He is the fearsome weapon of war laying waste to legions of enemy soldiers. She is the seeker of knowledge traveling in dimensions beyond ours, or the wizard whose very hands crackle with inner power.

The Mage’s abilities include the most powerful and the broadest range of offensive spells. Mages have an unmatched ability to directly affect other characters in combat and can single-handedly turn the tide of battle.




Mages have a large collection of spells available to them that allow for the creation of a multitude of mystical and arcane characters. The Mage’s powers are divided into four Disciplines: Invocation, Force, Translocation and Antimagic. Some example spells are included here.


The mightiest and most versatile discipline, Invocations can do everything from silencing the tongue of a boastful rival to laying waste to multiple foes all with the casting of a single spell.

Charm: Charm causes the target to regard the Mage as a trusted friend and confidante. A Charmed person will be eager to help the Mage who Charmed her, but will retain all of her old personality and loyalties.

“I am the friend of all who know me
I am the welcome, warm embrace
I am the smile, given freely
The open hand, the trusting face”


Force is a potent discipline of offensive magic that deals with the manipulation of gravity, momentum and kinetic energy. Force spells are fast and difficult to resist, but rarely deadly.

Knockdown: Knockdown is a targeted attack against one character which knocks its victim to the ground. The target is sent flying backwards, landing prone on his back. The effect is instantaneous.

“If you look down on brute force, you will soon be looking up at those who use it”


This discipline allows the Mage to manipulate the very fabric of time and space. Masters of translocation magic can travel in realms not measured by distance, gaze upon the edges of the Multiverse, or slip through the cracks between When and Where.

Astral Travel: The Mage may place her spirit costume over her head and pick a geographical destination to travel to. The Mage must then run to that destination using the most direct path possible, as quickly as possible. Under no circumstance may the Mage choose a new destination mid-journey, nor may she slow down to delay her arrival. If the Mage’s legs get tired, if she trips over a log, or for any reason becomes unable to continue running, the spell immediately ends and the Mage is violently ejected from the Astral Realm.

While traveling through the Astral Realm, the Mage may not interact with anyone, spirit or otherwise. Though the Astral Realm is functionally similar to the Spirit realm in some ways, each realm is distinct and while traveling in the Astral Realm, a Mage is not subject to spells or abilities that affect spirits.

“There is a place behind the world, if you only know how to open the door”


This discipline represents a Mage’s skill at removing, rebuking and destroying the magic of other spellcasters. Masters of Antimagic are feared by all arcane and mystical practitioners.

Block Spell: This ability enables a Mage to completely Block another Mage’s spell.  A spell which is Blocked is rendered null and void. It is completely cancelled, affecting no one.

A Mage may only Block a spell when he is one of its targets. Block Spell only works on the magic of Mages (it has no effect on the Traps of Rogues, or the Curse of a Cleric, for example). If the incoming spell would affect multiple targets, all of them are protected by Block Spell.

“The storm that does not shift
The fire that does not spread
The force that matches every force
Harmless and unharmed”