The Artisan produces supernatural effects through the medium of items and objects. The possible foci of an Artisan’s powers are endless and can vary greatly among individuals.

An Artisan may be a dwarven priest-smith who forges items of such elegant form that they bestow miraculous abilities upon their bearer. Perhaps she is an ancient Voudon Bokor who grants magical charms, but exacts a terrible price for them. He could be a wacky inventor, a goblin merchant, a traveling botanist or an alchemist questing for the Philosopher’s Stone. Whatever the source and methodology of any Artisan’s powers, they all share a common origin in legends of those who create, carry and deal in magical objects.

The Artisan’s power objects almost always take the form of magical Talismans—charms that can be worn or wielded to produce continual magical effects. Through Talismans, the Artisan may produce a wide variety of lasting enchantments, from shielding the bearer from harm to dramatically influencing her personality.


Artisans have a collection of crafts and abilities available to them that allow for the creation of a diverse range of inventive characters. The Artisan’s powers are divided into four Disciplines: Protection, Modification, Enchantment and Hex. The great majority of Artisan abilities, in all four Disciplines, take the form of magical Talismans. These talismans generally provide small benefits by default, but gain powerful abilities when “Imbued” with rare ingredients. Some example abilities are included here:


Protection Talismans create magical barriers to shield their bearer from harm. They are often worn around the neck or on a shield—anywhere in prominent view.

Protection from Spell: This Talisman protects the bearer from the next spell cast, one that would otherwise have created a harmful or unwanted effect on the person. The protection is always used up upon being activated, even if the incoming spell is lower than the bearer’s Level (and therefore would not have affected her in the first place).


Modification Talismans create effects that fundamentally alter a character’s innate capabilities. Some are ongoing and some have limited charges.

Loyalty: This Talisman fills the bearer with a powerful sense of commitment to some person, group or cause. Additionally, the bearer is immune to the Mage spell “Charm.” When Imbued, Loyalty’s personality-altering effects are enhanced and the bearer is immune to the “Quest” and “Possession” spells.


The Enchantment Discipline centers around the enchantment of specific types of objects, turning them into Talismans and magically enhancing their form and function. Only mundane objects may be made into Talismans. An Artisan may not, for example, use Enchant Sword on an already magical sword.

Enchant Shield: A shield enchanted with this Talisman is magically reinforced and becomes capable of blocking Monster Weapons without harming the bearer. A shieldsman who possesses an enchanted shield must say “Protection” when blocking such blows. When Imbued, the shield can block any and all bolts, including Stasis and Spell Bolts. The bearer should likewise say “Protection” when blocking magical projectiles.


Hex Talismans create negative effects on the character wearing them.  They cannot be removed without the aid of a powerful Artisan.

Binding: This powerful Hex binds the bearer to her word, compelling her to keep her promises. Any contract made, agreement reached, or course of action voiced or written while wearing a Hex of Binding must be kept, and for as long as the hex is borne. Alternately, two or more characters may each bear one half of a single Hex of Binding and voluntarily undergo its effect. In this instance, the Hex acts as magical contract, and the effect of the Binding is permanent, even after all parties have released hold of the Hex.