Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 5

The Story So Far

Part 5: Odyssey

The hunt to find and rescue Mongo Valesser continues! Led by Jaxx Meridian, a coalition of Mongo’s allies from past adventures and members of The Blackstar Battalion have discovered where Mongo is in the Galaxy.  Deep within the dense and forested planet of Cambion, a dark and powerful organization of smugglers known as The Court of 999 Silks has Mongo Valesser. They will be handing him off to The Cult of Spotier Orpheus. Luckily, a group of newly formed rebels who opposes The Court of 999 Silks has agreed to help free Mongo Valesser in exchange for armament and assistance in their rebellion. 

A small drop ship from In Amber Clad lands secretly on the forest floor of Cambion. This ships contains Mongo’s allies and the Blackstar Battalion, as well as the ancient artificial intelligence Grand Khal Oriator who was brought along to help give strategic advice against the Cult of Spotier Orpheus. They all rendezvous with representatives of The Resistance, led by Zanji of the Jivata Clan. Using information from the resistance, they are able to plan an ambush of the trade site where The Court of 999 Silks plans to turn Mongo over to the Cult of Spotier Orpheus.

Everyone gets into their hiding spots for the ambush. Well hidden when the Court of 999 Silks arrives with Mongo, the Resistance and Mongo’s allies spring the trap. Outnumbered, the representatives of the court give Mongo up quickly. Mongo is hurt and in terrible shape. As Mongo is examined, the Cult of Spotier Orpheus arrive. Mongo is quickly moved to the landing ship, with many soldiers from the Resistance and The Blackstar Battalion staying behind to ensure they are not being followed.

As everyone tries to board the ship, they discover that the AI Grand Khal Oriator has betrayed them, and secretly let members of the Cult of Spotier Orpheus on the ship to break it. The AI is moved to a makeshift, yet secure, containment facility outside the ship. Jaxx Meridian figures out what is wrong with the ship, and divides tasks so they can leave the planet of Cambion. 

The Blackstar Battalion leads an expedition out into the dense forests to find the navigation controls stolen by members of the Cult of Spotier Orpheus. They have a hard time fighting the soldiers from the Cult, who have power armor. But they are able to find and capture the one member with the navigation controls while taking heavy casualties from the other cult soldiers. A successful tactical retreat brings the remaining members of the Blackstar Battalion back to the landing ship. 

Meanwhile, The Resistance heads back to their secret base, so they can retrieve data, files, weapons and artifacts they have stolen from the Court of 999 Silks. They arrive at their base and discover members of the Court waiting to ambush them. A large fight ensues, as the Court of 999 Silks uses blood magic to call nearby creatures and monsters to their aid. The resistance is at first overwhelmed by the monsters. Zanji of the Jivata Clan distracts the monsters, making it possible for the rest of the Resistance fighters to get out of the base. Zanji pays the ultimate price, sacrificing their life. Distraught, the remaining Resistance members flee to the landing ship. 

At the landing ship, the navigational controls are starting to be reinstalled. This process will take some time. The landing ship is quickly descended upon by the combined forces of the Cult of Spotier Orpheus and the Court of 999 Silks. The Cult is trying to free the Artificial Intelligence. Mongo reminds everyone that this AI can not fall into the enemy’s hands. A fight ensues around the makeshift containment facility, while the Resistance defends the ship. Eventually the AI is brought back aboard the ship. 

With the combined forces of the Blackstar Battalion and the Resistance, many of the forces of the Court of 999 Silks and the beasts they control are slain. After a long fight and with an operational navigation system, those still living are able to board the ship and set off, having successfully saved Mongo Valesser.