Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 4

The Story So Far

Part 4: Smuggler’s Reign

Much time passed after the incident with the Phantom Shock Society at the Snake Pit. Mongo Vallesser and his associates became the de facto rulers of Tricutta Sector of the Galactic Commonwealth, the lawless planets and stars at the edge of the Galaxy. The Trees of Cheem returned to Cheem with historical references and artifacts of their ancestors that were once lost to time. The Gears of Liberty returned to their homeworld and fought valiantly for their freedom. Their fight was not over, but freedom for all robotic kind and victory was drawing nearer.

But all was not well in the Galaxy. A group of robots from The Gears of Liberty splintered off and started their own movement. Led by Artemis 2.0, this group wanted to destroy all non-robotic life throughout the galaxy. Violent and determined, these Robots landed on Krosan, the rock planet that is home to The Snake Pit. Mongo Valesser had not been heard from, and a distress beacon was picked up on the outskirts of The Snake Pit’s Military base. Jaxx Meridian, an old ally of Mongo’s, was gathering a force to land on Krosan to fight the Robots and find out what happened to Mongo and his associates. Joining him were representatives from The Trees of Cheem and The Gears of Liberty, who had a vested interest in stopping Artemis 2.0. Rounding out the group was The Blackstar Battalion, a group of mercenaries led by Commander Xavier Comstock who have helped Mongo in the past.

Everyone landed on Krosan and carefully ventured through the abandoned outposts making up The Snake Pit’s Military Base. They found many buildings and outposts that were locked and so they could not get inside. Eventually everyone was able to get into a med-bay and supply power to the building to make it fully operational. The Gears of Liberty made sure the medical robot staffing the med-bay was not allied with Artemis 2.0 before members of the Trees of Cheem named the previously unnamed med-bot “Syringe.”

Jaxx Meridian led the full force out into the nearby woods to find the distress beacon. They found an escape pod that crash landed, with its distress beacon going off. They found a glowing key inside the escape pod as well, but were forced to quickly retreat as Artemis 2.0 and the Robots charged through the woods at them. Once on higher ground and out of the woods, The Gears of Liberty and the Blackstar Battalion were able to keep Artemis 2.0 and the Robots from entering the Military base, but struggled to deal with the enemies’ stronger weapons and firepower. Many were injured in the process. Meanwhile The Trees of Cheem brought the Key and everyone who was injured to the med-bay. Syringe was able to heal the injured, as well as tell them that these keys were needed to enter into the locked buildings and outposts throughout the military base.

The Trees of Cheem rejoined their allies and ventured into the woods to find the remaining keys, with Artemis 2.0 in pursuit. Despite being under heavy assault in the forest, The Trees of Cheem, The Gears of Liberty and Blackstar Battalion were able to get the remaining keys and return them to the med-bay. Syringe told everyone that they needed to use the keys to open up the Mainframe of the military base, where the Master A.I. would be able to tell them what has happened on the base.

At the Mainframe, a representative from each group used a key piece to turn it on. It took some time, but eventually the A.I. appeared and explained that they were Grand Khal Oriator, an ancient AI of Spotier Orpheus design. Oriator was programmed in some of the old world tech Mongo used to redesign the military base. Oriator then explained that Artemis 2.0 and their Robots were trying to destroy the med-bay. The Blackstar Battalion and The Gears of Liberty ascended to the med-bay to stop the attack, while the Trees of Cheem continued to interrogate Oriator. They were able to make sure Syringe was not destroyed or re-programmed in the process. Artemis 2.0 was forced to flee into the woods after Syringe had everyone help them recharge the med bay’s forcefield.

Having regrouped back at the Mainframe, The Trees of Cheem were able to explain that they found out from Oriator that Mongo and all of his associates at the Snake Pit had been captured and given to the secret Cult of Spotier Orpheus. Oriator called upon Artemis 2.0 and their forces to descend upon everyone. A large fight ensued, and a small band of Blackstar soldiers and Robots from the Gears of Liberty went to the med-bay to get Syringe to assist in the fight. Many in the fight were injured, but Syringe was able to help heal the injured and turn the tide of the fight. The Trees of Cheem and Blackstar Battalion were able to keep the Robots under Artemis 2.0’s control from gaining access to Oriator. Eventually The Gears of Liberty were able to Kill Artemis 2.0.

After the fight, everyone had an opinion about what to do with Oriator. Some wanted to permanently disable the A.I., while others wanted to use it to gain information about the cult of Spotier Orpheus.  Eventually it was concluded that Oriator while powerful and dangerous, was too knowledgeable and useful to destroy. They decided to use Oriator to their advantage in their future fight against the Cult of Spotier Orpheus, and to help find and rescue Mongo Vallesser.