Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 3

The Story So Far

Part 3: Rogue Moon Rising

Having waited a long enough time to let the heat die down, and with the disbanding of the police force The Phantom Shock Society, Mongo’s Marauders were ready to sell the loot from Eberon Keep to the highest bidders from throughout the galaxy. Mongo got the notorious crime lord Viper Mouth to host the auction at their hideout, The Snake Pit.

Several groups and organizations arrived at the Snake Pit for the sale. These groups included:

  • The Gears of Liberty: A collection of sentient robots from a star system where they were slaves to non-robotic races. This desperate rebel group, led by Apollo 2.0, was there to gather weapons and tech that might aid them in their rebellion.
  • The Trees of Cheem: This group came from the distant planet Cheem, which was inhabited by a race of humanoid trees and plants. Cheem was not their home planet, which was destroyed by Spotier Orpheus during his reign. Much of their people’s history was lost to time. They were hoping to find artifacts from their homeworld, or artifacts and tech that could help with healing or terraformation.
  • The Elven Homeworld: These rich Elves were there to buy artifacts for their museums and personal collections, as well as tech that had cultural and historical records from Spotier Orpheus’ reign.

All the groups arrived at The Snake Pit where they had to give an offering to Viper Mouth before they were able to view and inspect the items being auctioned by Mongo. These items were guarded by Mongo’s Marauders, led by Captain Orlando Thane. Vincent Vekta was on site to answer questions about the various artifacts and items for sale. These included a Healing Gun, a Ghost Sword, an Energy Sword, a Flower Sword, a fish skeleton with magical and mind control abilities, a cup that always refilled with water, and lots of old world tech. The tech used languages and codes lost to time, so they could not actually be opened.

Everyone moved outside to the auction site to start bidding on items. During the auction, The Elves revealed themselves to be Agents from Phantom Shock Society who refused to retire when the program was shut down. They were rogue agents there to kill Mongo’s Marauders and take all of the loot and items for sale. The Elves attacked everyone else, and Viper Mouth was killed in the ensuing fight. Mongo was shot by Vincent Vekta, revealing that he too was working with the Phantom Shock Society. Several members of the Trees of Cheem were able to keep him alive, while the Gears of Liberty and Mongo’s Marauders were able to clear a path back to the Snake Pit.

Inside the Snake Pit everyone worked to keep Mongo alive. It was determined that more serious medicine would be needed to fully heal him. The Trees of Cheem stayed with Mongo and defended the Snake Pit. Orlando Thane called in an emergency medical drop from In Amber Clad to their drop zone. The Gears of Liberty accompanied them to the drop zone, and found many members of the Phantom Shock Society waiting to ambush them. They were able to fight through and get the medicine. Members of Mongo’s Marauders were able to capture Vincent Vekta, who was leading the ambush, and bring them back to Mongo.

After taking medicine and recovering Mongo, the marauders interrogated Vekta. After revealing that it was him who brought the rogue agents of the Phantom Shock Society to the Snake Pit, Mongo asked his marauders what they should do with Vekta. The Marauders decided to kill him for betraying Mongo and everyone who was at the auction. He was killed by some of Mongo’s longest tenured marauders. Everyone then prepared to storm the auction site and kill the rogue agents, while getting the items and loot back.

A fight ensued at the auction site, with the Agents holding the upper hand using the powerful weapons (Ghost Sword, Energy Sword, Healing Gun). But after Orlando Thane and some marauders pushed into their ranks, allowing for the Trees of Cheem to follow and retrieve the Healing Gun, the tide turned permanently in their favor. The Trees of Cheem were able to revive and heal fallen comrades, while the remaining power weapons were retrieved by members of Mongo’s Marauders and Gears of Liberty.

After their victory, Mongo took over the Snake Pit while the Gears of Liberty and Trees of Cheem left with whatever items they wanted free of charge for assisting Mongo’s Marauders and helping save Mongo’s life.