Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 2

The Story So Far

Part 2: The Raiders of Yozon-4

Having rejoined Mongo’s Marauders — Mongo Valesser, The Blackstar Battalion, Crew of In Amber Clad,  and The Star Chaser Guild — on Yozon-4, we found them gathered shortly after the events of the first installment. The Blackstar Battalion led a group to get the weapons from the armory, and found that someone else had already been there and taken the weapons. Meanwhile at the med-bay, B.O.B. and The Star Chaser Guild, watched as a bug hatched from an egg. Given the choice of trying to work with the new hatchling or killing it, the members of The Star Chaser Guild opted to save the baby bug and train it, in the hopes of domestication.

With all the groups returning to the outpost, Mongo Valesser moved everyone en masse to the drop zone for a weapons drop. When they arrived there they were met by a rival gang of raiders covered in what was clearly old-world technology. They were The Haylayers, and they said that the ruins and everything in them belongs to them. They attacked, and Mongo’s Marauders retreated to the outpost while being chased by the well armored Haylayer soldiers who captured B.O.B. in the process.

At the outpost it was decided by the groups of the members that diving deeper into Eberon Keep was not then possible, so they focused on moving what they already had out of the outpost and onto In Amber CladThe Blackstar Battalion and the crew of In Amber Clad assaulted the Haylayers at the Drop Zone, and pushed them back. They also retrieved the weapons from the initial weapons drop and stole some old world tech from the Haylayers. 

Meanwhile, Mongo Valesser and The Star Chaser Guild followed B.O.B.’s beacon into Eberon Keep. A small group of Haylayers were using some machines in the old generator room to try and reprogram B.O.B. Mongo and The Star Chaser Guild were able to push through Haylayer soldiers and get to B.O.B. and stop the reprogramming. They escaped with B.O.B. and returned to the outpost.

Everyone met at the Base one last time, and grabbed all of the riches, valuables, artifacts and weapons they had plundered from Eberon Keep. They marched it all down to the drop zone. Upon arrival, they found that their communication relay was broken. The Star Chaser Guild started to fix the relay, as Mongo, The Blackstar Battalion and the crew of In Amber Clad defended them from waves of Haylayer soldiers. The Haylayers were intent on reclaiming everything taken from Eberon Keep. They had even brought a bomb down as a last resort. As their numbers thinned, the Haylayers got ready to plant the bomb and blow everyone away. But as they were in the process, Mongo and some of the soldiers from the various groups charged through and claimed the bomb for themselves. Some Star Chaser Guild members rigged it to explode in a full minute. Everyone started to back up to the drop zone, but more Haylayers were approaching. This final wave was mostly wiped out by the expulsion from the bomb. Everyone got into the drop zone and was warped up to In Amber Clad

Unfortunately, they discovered that when B.O.B. was being operated on earlier, they were hacked from an outside source, that many believed was the police force The Phantom Shock Society. A vote was held and the majority elected to sell or abandon B.O.B. so that they cannot be tracked by, presumably, The Phantom Shock Society. Mongo reminded everyone that they would soon be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams with the loot they recovered from Eberon Keep. They set off with the intent of finding a buyer for their bounty of old world technology, weapons and loot.