Living Legends 3000: Story So Far Part 1

The Story So Far

Part 1: In The Ruins of Eberon Keep

Deep within the dense rock and forests of Yozon-4, the fourth moon of the gas giant Yozon in the Tricutta Sector, lies a fortress of impenetrable mystery and promise. Belonging to the ancient God-King Spotier Orpheus, Eberon Keep was a military stronghold of the God-King’s design. Mongo Valesser assembled a crack team of soldiers, adventurers, and scientists to land on Yozon-4 and raid the ruins of Eberon Keep. His team was comprised of

  • The smugglers, space pirates and crew of In Amber Clad
  • The soldiers and warriors in the mercenary company The Blackstar Battalion
  • The scientists and explorers of The Star Chaser Guild

After landing, an abandoned outpost and med-bay were discovered on the outskirts of Eberon Keep. These were turned into an impromptu base of operations for the mission. Shortly after ancient security droids arrived, one of which was hacked and reprogrammed by members of The Star Chaser Guild. This droid was eventually renamed B.O.B. and explained how the med-bay could be returned to operational status. The Star Chaser guild stayed behind to help B.O.B., while the crew of In Amber Clad and members of The Blackstar Battalion descended into the ruins with Mongo.

An infestation of arachnid like bugs made their presence known, attacking those exploring the ruins. This made it difficult to retrieve what Mongo wanted within Eberon Keep (the location of which they knew thanks to B.O.B.):

  • Old World Tech and Power Cells within the Generator and Power Center
  • Weapons of the God-King’s design with The Armory

Power cells were brought back to The Star Chaser Guild to help power the med-bay, while the tech and weapons were unable to be retrieved. Reasoning that they would be able to get the rest once the bugs were dealt with, Mongo focused his forces on defeating or ridding themselves of the bugs. Eventually bug eggs were discovered and brought back to the med-bay for inspection by the medics and scientists from In Amber Clad and The Star Chaser Guild. However they did not know how defensive the bugs were, and all of Mongo’s forces had to protect the outpost and med-bay from a massive swarm of bugs coming to retrieve the eggs. In a massive battle, Mongo’s forces were able to defeat the bugs. They set up the outpost as a more permanent base of operations and prepared for the arrival of reinforcements to help with a future deeper dive into Eberon Keep.