Living Legends 3000: History & Setting

Living Legends 3000: History & Setting


The Living Legends 3000 series of live-action theatrical Adventure Games take place in the planetary systems that make up The Galactic Commonwealth. Commonly known as The Commonwealth, The Galactic Commonwealth is the democratic union of sovereign planetary systems that govern the known galaxy. The Commonwealth started out, centuries ago, as a coalition of rebellion movements and secret governments aligned to overthrow the magi-militaristic regime of The God-King Spotier Orpheus.

Aided by unknowable demon magic and dark science, the interplanetary conqueror Spotier Orpheus ruled over the galaxy. He was a military genius, and viewed by many throughout the galaxy as a god or deity, earning the moniker “God-King.” At the height of his cruel, galactic reign every single major star system was either directly under his rule or nervously allied with him.

Spotier Orpheus’ fall was marked by a series of military disasters and the genius of various starship captains and military leaders of the upstart Commonwealth. Spotier Orpheus was eventually defeated in a fury of bright noise, blinding lights and uncontrollable hell fire. The Commonwealth’s Armada bombarded The God-King’s command ship The Despoiler and his remaining fleet into extinction.

An age of peace fell over the Galaxy under the reign of the Galactic Commonwealth. For centuries the galaxy has remained free of any full-scale war. But the Galaxy still bears the wounds of Spotier Orpheus’ long and destructive reign. The graveyards of war were huge and expansive, floating aimlessly in the vastness of space and on the surfaces of conquered worlds. To this day, it is difficult to forget his devastation.


The Adventure Games of the  Living Legends 3000 series of live-action theatrical Adventure Games are set in the Tricutta Sector of the Galactic Commonwealth. This sector of star systems and planets lies on the far reaches of the galaxy and is primarily known for being loosely governed, making it a haven for smugglers and pirates.

The Phantom Shock Society, the strongest arm of the Commonwealth’s Police force, has seemingly disappeared from the Tricutta Sector. Adventure and riches wait for those willing to journey to the Tricutta Sector and join explorer and mercenary captain turned Crime Lord Mongo Valesser on a series of dangerous expeditions throughout the stars.