Digital Forms

Wayfinder forms have gone digital!  Parents or guardians need to fill out all of our forms online, including the Health Form.  Documents from your doctors, however, must be given to us as hard copies.  These include the “Child Health Assessment Form*”, immunization records or exemption letter, a note authorizing your child to take the medications being brought and original prescriptions. Please also remember to bring the original bottles medications came in for both prescription and over the counter medication.

*The “Child Health Assessment Form” is called different things in different doctor’s offices. It is a New York State requirement for school and camp.  If your doctor is not familiar with it, it just needs to say your child is well enough for camp.  Many doctor’s offices have created forms that allow them to include the medication information as well as the authorizations to take the medication.  Other doctor’s offices just write notes.  We can take either!

Please note we need all the forms below except the “Offseason Emergency Form” for summer camps. Day campers do not need the Meningitis Form.

Please note that ALL MEDICATIONS require a doctor’s written prescription or doctor’s order, even over the counter drugs.