Black Lives Matter.

We are incredibly angry and disappointed to see the continuing violence against the Black community which is being perpetrated by police forces across the country. It is a time where everyone must make their voices heard, must go and be present at protests when and where they can, must donate to bail funds, to Black Lives Matter, to the activist groups which are working tirelessly to combat this. Defunding the police is a first step. Abolishing prisons is a first step. Abolishing ICE is a first step. There are seemingly endless structures and policies within our government that work to disenfranchise and commit violence against Black people. We cannot stop until we have reworked every single one of them. We are more than ready to commit ourselves to doing this work. We will be present at demonstrations. We will speak out using our various platforms. We will work harder to educate the young people who engage with our programs on the realities of racism. We will donate to causes locally and nationally. White supremacy is everywhere in America. It must be fought at every front. We will be posting links to more information, to rallies, to places that people can donate through our Facebook, and doing our best to use our platforms to elevate Black voices. Please engage with the discussion that is currently happening. If you have not already, educate yourself. If we are falling behind on something, please point it out to us. We are not perfect, but will always strive to be better. Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter.