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Trust in Adventure Gaming

Trust in Adventure Gaming Obviously deep, intensely emotional, trusting relationships exist outside of LARP communities. The point here isn’t to claim that Wayfinder has some unique ability to provide participants […]

Jenna Bergstraesser

Finding a Home with Jenna Bergstraesser Being structured around an adventure game Wayfinder naturally provides skills that lend themselves to a wide variety of creative pursuits. In the last Where […]

The Benefits of Friendship

The Benefits of Friendship Community is a funny thing. We talk about the Wayfinder community as if it was a living entity when really it’s a web of interpersonal relationships […]

Marika McCoola

Building Worlds with Marika McCoola Wayfinder has always lived in the written words of its community members. Any world we create and explore starts with someone hunched over a computer, […]

Communal Trust

Communal Trust There are a lot of words that get thrown around (both at camp and outside of it) until they become so called buzzwords and lose any semblance of […]

Next Sword Saturday October 30!

This Fall we started a new series of Saturday events. ‘Sword Saturdays’ at High Meadow School in Stone Ridge, NY includes improvisational theater, foam swordfighting, and a sectional Adventure Game […]