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Summer Story Schedule 2019

Summer Story Schedule Woodstock Day School Week 1: July 8th-12th Game: Heaven’s Gaze by Mike Jones Week 2: July 15th-19th Game: Eclua Chronicles by Deanna Abrams Week 3: July 22d-26th […]

You Win Or You Die

You Win Or You Die: Political Games and You I’ll be completely honest – in my opinion, Game of Thrones is not a very good TV show. That doesn’t stop […]

Environmental Storytelling

Environmental Storytelling It’s tough to judge games. So much of it can be determined by where in the game you are, who you interact with, and what happens to you. […]

Spooky Scary

Spooky Scary: How Horror Games Tick Late at night, JJ Muste and myself were staying up late after a Living Legend event I ran, and we were talking about horror […]

Held With Hope!

Held With Hope!: An Intro Game’s Flow When I was younger, I was terrified of flow. When I’d write games, I’d desperately try to avoid thinking about flow. I’d build […]

Drawn With Courage

Drawn With Courage…: Starting an Intro Game Intro games are, far and away, the most common form of game we run at Wayfinder. Of our 14 unique games run in […]

Camp’s Magic Circle

Camp’s Magic Circle Recently I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about play and what it is. I’ve been taking a class on play theory (one of many reasons my […]

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location: How to Create Your Setting Every story, whether it’s a novel, a movie, or an adventure game, has a setting. Maybe that setting is a whole new […]

Choose Your Character

Choose Your Character How to figure out who the PCs should be in your game So you’ve got an idea for a game. Cool! You’ve got a setting, you’ve got […]

Flows for Algernon

Flows for Algernon What actually happens in your game? Tonight we’re talking about the structure of an adventure game. The individual scenes that compose it must spring from your imagination. […]