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Living Legends 3000: History & Setting

Living Legends 3000: History & Setting History The Living Legends 3000 series of live-action theatrical Adventure Games take place in the planetary systems that make up The Galactic Commonwealth. Commonly […]

Call for Stories 2019

CALL FOR SUMMER STORIES 2019! From far-off distant lands, across a vast and sunlit sea, strange mists roll across the forests of Upstate New York. For most, this mysterious mist […]

Steering Made Clear

Steering Made Clear: Play Style and its Theory We play Adventure Games because we want a specific experience. We want to cry, we want to laugh, we want to look […]

Three Ways to Cut Cake

Three Ways to Cut a Cake: Game Mechanics Part 1 Game Mechanics are one of the most complicated aspects of writing an Adventure Game, and it’s not because of the […]