20th Anniversary Celebration and Family Cookout October 2nd!

Can you believe it?
20 Years of Swords, Play and Adventures!

Join us on October 2nd for Wayfinder’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and Family Cookout!

3-7pm, 3643 Main St, Stone Ridge, NY 12484 (at the High Meadow School)

This is a community event for anyone who has been a part of our Wayfinder over the past 20 years and their families. Only came to camp once? Come! This summer was your first time? Join us! Last time you held a foam sword was 15 years ago? Excellent, come play! 
Admission is $10 per person, and will cover your plate. There will be swords games, 20 years of memorabilia on display, and more!
Plus, if you make a donation to the Hero Fund while there, you can get a special rate on your Hearthfire ticket (our final and big 20th anniversary event)!

RSVP here by September 30th. Please note not all dietary restrictions can be accommodated.